Wordless Wednesday: Why I Lament AutoFocus

30 09 2009



29 09 2009

* Got a flu shot. For the first time. Ever. It went…. well?
“You’ve had the flu shot before, right?”
“Um, no…”
And so with a little rubbing alcohol on my deltoid (which was still sore from Sunday at the Gym) we were discussing whatever and the nurse stabbed me in the arm and somehow finished the injection before I was able to pull my arm away and quiver my bottom lip.
I’m pretty sure there’s a flyer going around to anyone in health care that says “If you see this woman (photo of me with a goofy smile)  and need to get a syringe near her, good luck.”

* This morning, a lady walked in with a key and asked me to help her with the bathroom door. Note: I do not work in the office from which she came, nor do I work for the landlord. I explain to her that the lock is finicky and she needs to wiggle the key. All of the keys are like that. She leaves. A few minutes later, she comes back and pretty much DEMANDS that I open the bathroom door for her. So I send her to the conveniently placed maintenance guy in the hallway. Why is it that people who ask you for help think they can be a complete tool?

* It’s been raining pretty heavily here. So, knowing that the area doesn’t do well in a crisis, I woke up early and logged on to check the traffic. I checked the thruway, all three TV news channels and the newspaper. No mention of anything. Two channels in the bathroom. One final internet check before leaving. Five minutes from my house I’m met with brake lights. It took me an hour to get in this morning.

* Speaking of people who are rude to people who are trying to help them, last week while walking into work, a lady pulls up beside me and rolls down her window. I pull out my earbuds. “Can I help you with something?”, I asked.
“I need to get to Erie Street!”
“Erie Street? That doesn’t sound familiar at all.”
“Well, that’s where I need to go.”, She says, matter-of-factly.
“I understand. Where is your final destination? I can try and get you there.”
“The directions say Erie Street!” She says as she quite literally throws her mapquest directions at me.
“Okay, yes, I see it does say Erie Street, but that street isn’t familiar… however, where you need to go to get to The Waterfront [complex], is to turn around and follow the road behind those apartments.”
“But what about Erie Street?”
“I’m telling you how to get to The Waterfront.”
“UGH!” And she grabs the directions back.

* Last week, I discussed The Lunch Fiasco. Yesterday, I sent out an email making sure no one has any allergies and I stated, “I need someone to bring in a crock-pot or something else we can use to keep soup warm until lunch.”, figuring that removing myself from the equation may help things.
Pronoun replies, “we can get/bring in bowls and use the microwave to heat up bowls of soup. i do have a crock-pot, but im not comfortable taking it on the bus w/ me. knowing myself, i would drop it.”
Did I ask you to explain WHY you couldn’t bring in a crockpot? No? Do I care? No.
Note: Our microwave has a dial. Also, it can’t fit a large plate or bowl inside.
Way to go Sherlock.

* After being trapped inside all day due to Biblical Rain, Bailey insists that we play with her. (by insist, I mean throw any/all toys at you until you throw them off of you and she can pick them up again). So we opt to play Pickle in the Middle. Mid-air, Bailey and I both go for the toy. Bailey confused the flesh-colored toy with my flesh colored hand. Bruising ensues. She apologized this morning.

* PSA: When people are wearing earphones or earbuds, they typically can’t hear you or don’t care to hear you. Why else would I have neon pink earbuds?

* Final Boo-Ya!
“Hi, this is Don with the copier leasing company and we’re updating our records, can you confirm the copiers serial number?*”
“I’m sorry, which company did you say you were calling from?”

*Common tactic used by dirty companies to send you toner for your copier, invoicing you and making it 100% impossible to send the item back.

The Beeramid

28 09 2009
The Beeramyd

The Beeramid, circa 2008

(as referenced in the comments)


28 09 2009

I will keep this brief, but hopefully entertaining.

Friday, as most of you read/know/saw was our FIFTH wedding anniversary. Talk about crazy.
We enjoyed a FANTASTIC dinner (Encore, for those of you in the B-Lo) of  banana peppers, steak and a couple of raspberry cosmos/Guinness.
As this years gift was to be wood or silverware (thanks to whoever comes up with this confusing stuff), I purchased three juniper bushes (henceforth referred to as “Anniversary Trees”) to replace Stupid Bushes.
“Oh. Look. You got me work.”, he says.
Ah, love.

Saturday morning
Every year we play in a three-club golf tournament”*. This year, we he decided that we should car pool with his parents.
They were due to arrive at 9:30am. At 9:00, we were picking up the house and vacuuming.  At 9:15, there is a knock at the door and MIL is there.
“Hey!”, I greet her as I am dashing between rooms.
Dashing back, she’s still outside.  “You CAN come in…”
“Oh. Whatcha guys doing?” Steve CLEARLY has the vacuum running and I am CLEARLY putting things in the dishwasher.
I know it will be a long day.
FIL eats very slow, so we opt to go to Tim Hortons for breakfast and coffee. It is in the parking lot that FIL announces that he does not eat and drive. I tell Steve that we should probably get the food to go, he can drive and his dad can eat while we’re en route. Steve insists it will be fine.
At the counter, Steve and I place our order, which clearly confused the cashier. We step aside, and in interest of moving things along, Steve asks his dad if he’s ready to order. FIL looks at Steve and tells him his order. I suggest, “Um, you should probably tell the guy behind the counter what you want as he’s the one who takes your order.”
Meanwhile, Steve and I notice our next door neighbors sitting and enjoying a coffee so we walk over and say hello. Five minutes later, the in-laws are still at the counter. Less to say, it’s physically impossible for the employees to make a large coffee with one cream and one sugar.
Fifteen minutes later and forty-five minutes until tee off (with a half-hour drive), we’re on our way.
Once on the course, I tee up and get ready to take my first shot.
His parents are talking. About nothing. In their cart. Next to the tee box. With loud voices.
I glare over my sunglasses and bank the shot.
Up the fairway, they’re still yammering away.
On the next hole, they’re discussing why MIL can’t hit the ball. Next to the tee box. With loud voices.
And the trend continues.
Finally, at the third hole, I ask Steve if it’s bad form to beat people with your club for talking while you’re trying to hit the ball. Also, we should purchase a golf etiquette book for them for Christmas.
At the fourth hole, he finally tells them to be quiet.
And my game was much improved.
As usual, I won closest to the pin, By Default.

*Each player is only allowed three clubs; putters count towards the three. “Tournament” because it’s really just for fun and the prizes are fun.

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25 09 2009



Picturesque Delaware Park (this is actually a bridge from the 1901 Pan-American Exposition)

First Duty as Husband, Pack Mule

First Duty as Husband, Pack Mule

Another Camping Tidbit

24 09 2009

Camping Tidbit, from the “I totally didn’t make this up” file:
While riding my bike to the non-outhouse restroom I passed a cabin with a woman walking a cat.
It was a black cat with a red harness and red lead. It was feverishly trying to get under the cabin.
No sooner do I refocus on the road (after a double take) then I damn near ran over a guy dressed as a pirate.
He came out from the woods in a satin-like ruffled shirt, red handkerchief around his head and artfully mangled cargo pants.
In his defense though, it was Saturday, which was “Talk Like A Pirate Day“.

Just Venting

23 09 2009

Preface: Not looking for answers or sympathy, just need to vent. Besides,  I know the answer is “You can’t please all the people all of the time”

Did you hear that?

Did you hear that?

Let’s back this truck up to about two weeks ago.
Wait, no, spring…
Okay, so, in spring I was forced recommenced asked to run the office’s picnic.
September:  food procured, door prizes (I didn’t understand either) obtained , things to keep kids occupied (as per recommendation of planners past) purchased, beer chilled… I thought the party was a success. Plus, I came in [$0.92] under budget. Woot for me.
Receipts in hand, I get the fifth degree about how my budget was spent and on what and what was the cost per person… meanwhile, the conversation in the back of my head was something along the lines of, “If you gave me $X to spend and I spent $X and everyone had a good time and now it’s an issue, why did you give me a budget?”

Flash forward to this week.
Another hat I wear is Team Leader of the Fitness Force for our office. Basically, I just send information into corporate. It’s a cake gig. Har.
My team met the obligation for a company sponsored lunch.
I sent out the follow to my team:
“…It’s looking like we will be ordering in as teams will be on a conference call. Keeping in the spirit of the Fitness Force, I’m thinking we shouldn’t order a loaded pizza…”
Everyone agreed. Then I get the message from Corporate; in response to “what are we planning on doing?”:
We’re ordering out – pizza, I think….”
To which I reply:
That’s kind of funny because I told my team that we are specifically NOT ordering a pizza, being Fitness Force and all…”
So I propose to my team:
… is supposedly ordering pizza; to which I replied that it’s kind of defeating the purpose… anyway, so, it looks like we can order a pizza if we want.
Unless we’d like to buck the trend and show them how it’s done … figuring out what we can do for the price of a pizza.
Option 1) Get a pizza anyway
Option 2) See about ordering a “healthy” crust and veggies instead of processed meat
Option 3) I pick up some whole wheat pita pockets, lettuce, deli turkey/chicken, “healthy” cheese and some Italian dressing.”

Then, the dreaded REPLY ALL.
Option 3 sounds good… with a soup…
Option 3 with a mixed salad or a fresh fruit platter..

Whow. Hold your horses here.
First of all, the whole idea was simply to NOT have a pizza; and now I’m stuck with an entire spread?
Plus, enough pie [for 5] with delivery is about $20-25… and we’re looking at a full-custom lunch? I’m a savvy shopper, but really?

Pronoun does a REPLY ALL and says we could all chip in for sides. Mind you, this is the same person who didn’t know if they could bring chip and/or bowls for her side to the aforementioned picnic.
Co-Worker Who Never Worries About Money states to buy whatever and they’ll make up the difference. Mind you, this is the same person who chided my picnic for not having shrimp and/or sushi.

Crimeanitley people, can’t you just be happy with a free lunch?

No wonder no one wants to run ANYTHING here.

P.S. I’m totally #1 on Fitness Force, almost two trackers above everyone else.

Campfire Fare

21 09 2009

Another nifty part of camping is being able to cook outside, all primitive like.

One thing we cooked, and excuse the absence of photos but yours truly should not have been handling expensive pieces of equipment while her equilibrium was all screwy, was Hot Wings.
You Need:
* raw chicken wings, skin on (available at your local butcher)
* Frank’s Hot Sauce… well, probably any hot sauce, but Frank’s has a complex taste
* A grill. We prefer charcoal as it gives a nice smokey flavor.
* Tongs. (Learned this one the hard way)
You Do:
* After the grill’s hot, put the wings on the cooking surface
* Douse in hot sauce
* Let cook
* flip
* Go to 10
* repeat as needed until wings are salmonella free
*Watch fights ensue over who eats the last one

Also, Joe brought a dutch oven.
No, not like this:

(fart in the sheets then throw the blanket over your bedmates head)

(fart in the sheets then throw the blanket over your bedmates head)

or this (first couple seconds are of the previous bit, which includes an anatomically correct, yet blurred, play-doh man):

(well, kinda)

but like this:

Dutch Oven Proper

Dutch Oven Proper

The Girls made: “Stuff we Found at Wal*Mart and Thought Would Go Well Together”
You Need (we used all canned products):
* Family/large size Cream of Chicken soup, condensed
* Black beans
* Chili Beans
* Red Kidney Beans
* Mixed Veggies (corn, carrots, beans)
* diced potatoes
* (optional)2 fresh zucchini, cut into 1/2″ pieces, then into quarters
You Do:
* Dump everything into pot. Do not drain beans/veggies, everything goes in.
* Stir
* Place on embers
* Stir/rotate
* Serve
* Watch people fight over who gets the last of the stew


20 09 2009

A couple of times a year, we like to go camping… wilderness recharges me.
Okay, I lied… sitting around all weekend, drinking beer, taking naps, hiking and eating recharges my batteries.
Steve and the Gentlemen’s Club go up on Thursday morning, the females come up Friday after work.

Bailey likes it because she gets to hang out with her boyfriend, Jack.


We tend to stay on the same trail every year which is great because it’s rather secluded and with the creek, the dogs are very happy.
This time we only went though two sleeves of tennis balls, which I’m pretty sure is a record for the LEAST amount of tennis balls consumed on a weekend.

Just being outside turns Bailey into a ball of energy.

And something tells me there was something going on Thursday night…  I mean, besides floating a keg and smoking cigars.
I think Steve heard banjos.

Bailey’s pretty excited until the sun sets, then she’s toast.
(all above photos courtesy of Steve)

On Friday night, Melissa, “Charlotte” and I drove up, of course stopping to fill our growlers (read: 1/2 gallon) with DELICOUS Ellicottvile Brewing Company’s Oktoberfest.

And Friday night also brings another tradition.
Fire Pong.
Oh, yes, it’s exactly how it sounds; beer pong played on something that’s a flame.
This year, “Teppo” replaced his front door (which was a fire door) and pong was played on that.
Meanwhile, I was content to finish my growler.
Don’t worry, after previewing this photo, I had the lantern removed from the door.
To the right and left you can see the playing cups which were melting and marshmallows were placed on the door to see if they would cook.
They did.

Also while camping, we eat like kings. And queens.

Saturday night is pretty low key, everyone’s pretty mellow from hiking and what not.
Even doggies are ready for bed.
Forbid if 175 of Labrador sleep anywhere but right under my feet.

How was your weekend?

Few Things Feel Better than Progess

16 09 2009

I can’t lie.
This past week-ish has just been beyond frustrating.
Things not going as expected, I’ve not doing things right (in others opinion), stress, stress, not being able to go the gym, nightmares, exhaustion… you get the idea.

Tuesday night is Arranged Gym Night with Trainer Cammie.
Trainer Cammie is AWESOME and she works me. She knows where the trouble spots are and she’s so very encouraging; something I don’t get too often.

Anyway, she met me last night with the usual, “What do you want to work on tonight?”
“You know what? I don’t care. I just want to be distracted for a bit… walking out with a sense of accomplishment would be just great.”
“Let’s go upstairs*.”
“Right on.”
So, we started with some Arnold Lifts.

As shown naw.

As shown naw.

We alternated with shoulder presses… I piped up, “I’ve been working on my arms and well, I’ve using 12lbs because 10 was too light, maybe we should bump up to 15…”
And Trainer Cammie is over at the tree picking up 15lb dumbbells.
There was no crying and fatigue really set in during the third set of 12 reps.

Back downstairs, we had fun with the Roman Chair (and now I’m beginning to see how the gym sounds like a giant orgy)

Can also be done with your legs at a 90 degree angle from hip

Can also be done with your legs at a 90 degree angle from hip

I’ve pumped through the exercises, still reeling from how I feel about becoming stronger, faster, confident…
“Look at you go, doing more than 10!”
“Oh yeah, I did more than 10! Not quite 13, but more than 11!”
“Holy crap girl!”

Sure, once I got back in the car I was agitated again… but, it wasn’t as bad as it was before… I think I just need to find a way to deal with what’s going on. Like S.Le.

*Upstairs at the gym is where the no-neckers hang out… 45lb empty bars, heavier weights, intimidation….