29 09 2009

* Got a flu shot. For the first time. Ever. It went…. well?
“You’ve had the flu shot before, right?”
“Um, no…”
And so with a little rubbing alcohol on my deltoid (which was still sore from Sunday at the Gym) we were discussing whatever and the nurse stabbed me in the arm and somehow finished the injection before I was able to pull my arm away and quiver my bottom lip.
I’m pretty sure there’s a flyer going around to anyone in health care that says “If you see this woman (photo of me with a goofy smile)  and need to get a syringe near her, good luck.”

* This morning, a lady walked in with a key and asked me to help her with the bathroom door. Note: I do not work in the office from which she came, nor do I work for the landlord. I explain to her that the lock is finicky and she needs to wiggle the key. All of the keys are like that. She leaves. A few minutes later, she comes back and pretty much DEMANDS that I open the bathroom door for her. So I send her to the conveniently placed maintenance guy in the hallway. Why is it that people who ask you for help think they can be a complete tool?

* It’s been raining pretty heavily here. So, knowing that the area doesn’t do well in a crisis, I woke up early and logged on to check the traffic. I checked the thruway, all three TV news channels and the newspaper. No mention of anything. Two channels in the bathroom. One final internet check before leaving. Five minutes from my house I’m met with brake lights. It took me an hour to get in this morning.

* Speaking of people who are rude to people who are trying to help them, last week while walking into work, a lady pulls up beside me and rolls down her window. I pull out my earbuds. “Can I help you with something?”, I asked.
“I need to get to Erie Street!”
“Erie Street? That doesn’t sound familiar at all.”
“Well, that’s where I need to go.”, She says, matter-of-factly.
“I understand. Where is your final destination? I can try and get you there.”
“The directions say Erie Street!” She says as she quite literally throws her mapquest directions at me.
“Okay, yes, I see it does say Erie Street, but that street isn’t familiar… however, where you need to go to get to The Waterfront [complex], is to turn around and follow the road behind those apartments.”
“But what about Erie Street?”
“I’m telling you how to get to The Waterfront.”
“UGH!” And she grabs the directions back.

* Last week, I discussed The Lunch Fiasco. Yesterday, I sent out an email making sure no one has any allergies and I stated, “I need someone to bring in a crock-pot or something else we can use to keep soup warm until lunch.”, figuring that removing myself from the equation may help things.
Pronoun replies, “we can get/bring in bowls and use the microwave to heat up bowls of soup. i do have a crock-pot, but im not comfortable taking it on the bus w/ me. knowing myself, i would drop it.”
Did I ask you to explain WHY you couldn’t bring in a crockpot? No? Do I care? No.
Note: Our microwave has a dial. Also, it can’t fit a large plate or bowl inside.
Way to go Sherlock.

* After being trapped inside all day due to Biblical Rain, Bailey insists that we play with her. (by insist, I mean throw any/all toys at you until you throw them off of you and she can pick them up again). So we opt to play Pickle in the Middle. Mid-air, Bailey and I both go for the toy. Bailey confused the flesh-colored toy with my flesh colored hand. Bruising ensues. She apologized this morning.

* PSA: When people are wearing earphones or earbuds, they typically can’t hear you or don’t care to hear you. Why else would I have neon pink earbuds?

* Final Boo-Ya!
“Hi, this is Don with the copier leasing company and we’re updating our records, can you confirm the copiers serial number?*”
“I’m sorry, which company did you say you were calling from?”

*Common tactic used by dirty companies to send you toner for your copier, invoicing you and making it 100% impossible to send the item back.




16 responses

29 09 2009
S. Le

Working/living with people, in general, is a fool’s occupation. I work with Joe Q Public daily and at times, hate it. People in general are stupid and selfish. Hmmm… Is the dreary weather making me cynical? Nope. I’m always cynical. *throws Mapquest map at helpful citizen*

29 09 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

I can’t help but laugh because you’re SO RIGHT! Why is it that we/I can’t walk away and tell the helpless where they can find their directions? And why do we put up with them berating us? This makes no sense.

29 09 2009
S. Le

Not only are we selfless martyrs but we are also trained by our Mums to be patient and kind. Those who are not become serial killers.

29 09 2009

I’ve got my brain trained to forget those daily irritations before I get near my computer, although I’ve written some good blog posts in my head shortly after they’ve occurred!

29 09 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

I’m just ready to stick a fork in today.. it’s just been one of those days where everything seems REALLY annoying. Including the fact that the Deli in the bottom of you building charges the same price for a grilled cheese (that I totally needed) as they do for any other sandwich. I’m going to blame all of this on the flu shot.

29 09 2009

If the world was free of rude people you’d have no material for this post, be grateful young lady 😀
I am a syringe hater too. No heroine use in my home

30 09 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

isn’t it odd, we both have tattoos but hate needles? I don’t understand.

29 09 2009

you need a dirty martini and a case of milano cookies. whoa….

29 09 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

yes and yes.
Trainer Cammie was having a similar day so we worked out our aggression.
Now I’m achy and agitated.
WAITER! Where’s my GD martini?!?!

29 09 2009

We get those copier calls all the time! I love it when they hang up

29 09 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

and after that I got one of those energy distributor cold calls; she insisted upon arguing with me about what our business does and she lost.

29 09 2009
Dennis the Vizsla

“Oh, you need to get to Erie? Okay, here’s what you do. Point your car at that pier up ahead and drive straight to the end really fast.”

30 09 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

That seals the deal. You’ll be on my schtick team when I take over the world.

30 09 2009

“Don” gets around…they hate it when you ask who they are with…

you could always send “Erie Street” on a fool’s errand 🙂

30 09 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

deeeeeelightfully evil! LOVE IT!

30 09 2009

Ha, you’re pretty funny, you actually remind me of me a tad bit. I’ve been told multiple times that I, “hate everything,” and am, “sort of an evil villain.” Not that I’m complaining, haha. Great blog.

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