Oh, Right, Update

22 11 2017

Since 2011

  • We had another Kid. He is 4, the other is 7. SEVEN. What the what.
  • Older Cat (Buffy) died. She walked out the door when I let Bailey out, giving me the chocolate starfish before meowing at me and walking away.
  • Bailey (dog) died.  I had to be in charge of that and it was awful. She got very sick, very fast.
  • Closed the shop. Physiological wounds remain.
  • Got a puppy. She’s 5.5 months old and a rescue dog. Much to the kid’s chagrin, she doesn’t recuse people, we rescued her. She was found, at 6 weeks old, on a property in SC that “didn’t know they had dogs”. Moved in with us at 13 weeks and has been a welcome addition since. The Mister said that her sister was being fixed at the same time and the family thought our dog was their dog due to color and “weird spotty tongue”. The other dog pooped in the parking lot, while our dog poops where we need to use the yard.
  • Gives more information about the dog than anything else. I have my reasons.

Back in to it?

22 11 2017

Yeah, so, a few people have asked me to get back in to writing… but, what do I write about?
“Okay, I have kids and this also happens to me.”
“I too enjoy wine/beer/liquor/water/La Croix.”
“I’m also trying to navigate through life.”
“My guilty pleasure is Catfish as well.”
What is it that makes this/my life interesting? What have I got that makes it something people want to read?
I’ve heard I’m witty, so maybe that’s it?
We all go through the same things in life (groceries, sleeping, friends, adventures). I think, no, I know that this is what keeps me from re-blogging? Blogging again?
Life has taken quite the winding road the past 10 years, not on the map at all but this is where I am now, is it still what it was?
I feel comfortable in my new skin (right? right?!), blogging is a bit of an Edgar Suit for me (here’s where a photo from Vincent D’Onofrio in Men in Black would go).
One of my things is trying to get back in to writing, without thumbs.
Had to do one of those awkward, “Letters I write but don’t get sent and gets burned” things, which was pretty cathartic, but the burning was a let-down.
Back on track, I enjoyed the writing of that letter. The freedom. The “just” writing. Letting it go. The stream of conscientiousness. And I realized I  missed it (evident much?), the writing.
Where do I go from here? Do I let this fizzle out, again? Bore you with the mundane day-to-day (maybe my day is more interesting than yours. Wegmans IS pretty exciting on a Tuesday)? Write to write?
Writing fills a little puzzle piece of my heart… something I did, and loved, but lost. Kind of like when I met my husband or had kids, I didn’t know that piece of my heart was missing until I found it.
No expectations. No benchmarks. No “you should”. I’m going to write to write because it feels good, even if it’s after a couple of glasses of wine.


Da Grind

19 03 2012


so, whaddImiss?

It’s un-offically day 4 of operations over at fresh & fluffy  and the biggest issue I’ve had to deal with is trying to figure out where the damn potato bugs (or rolly-pollies or pill bugs) carcasses are coming from.
Not too bad.

I’ve decided to do a “soft open”* for the time being.

Now that I’m back to work, I can start doing things like paying attention to my google reader and organizing my photos. Because I’m the boss.

* open, but not openopen. I’m here and doing stuff, but I haven’t made any grand announcement because I need to make sure that I have what I need to have and I know how to work my point-of-sale in a manner which does not require swearing.

Wordless Wednesday: Baby! You’re a Star!

21 12 2011

(disclaimer: cell phone photos)

(disclaimer: cell phone photos)

Peek-a-Boo! Here I am!

25 10 2011

Howdy Y’all!

I’m still banging around, things have just been CRAZY lately.

Since we last talked:
* Mr.C Turned 1
* Mr. C is an INTERNATIONAL MODEL on a Fisher-Price toy. He’s on Amazon.com right now, we’re waiting to see if he gets on the box.

Fisher-Price Push'n'See Monkey

(Yes, that really is MY KID. Those toes drive me insane with nibbles!)

* Mr. C has 8 teeth, including one molar.
* Mr. C got baptized. Which, if you know me, is a big freakin’ deal.
* We’re up to about 10 words, “Baywee” (Bailey), Kitty, Doggie, MOMMA!, Dada, Piggies (toes), Up, Yeah, Hi, Bye, Baby. He’ll imitate syllable noises too.
* I have not been committed to the nuthouse. yet.
* Steve and I celebrated our 7-year wedding anniversary.
* In late June, I had a “wacky” idea. Started working on it in July. Did a whole bunch of legal stuff. Found out on Mr. C’s birthday that I AM A SMALL BUSINESS OWNER.
You may say that my cloth diapering obsession has reached epic proportions.


Houdini’s First Two Tricks

8 08 2011


For a while, we were pretty sure that The Dude was Richard Wright reincarnated.
However, he’s making me think he’s more of a Houdini…

Example 1)


[No, he is not faceplanting, he is CRAWLING OUT of his 3-point-harness rocker seat.]
”Momma smells, I’m gonna pop you in here for like, 5 minutes while I shower…”
”(Screams of protest)”
”You’re fine.”
I pop my head out of the shower because he’s making it sound like he’s being attacked by bears to see he’s turned himself upside down and is attempting an escape.
In the time it took me to wash the 2-in-1 out my hair and wrap myself in a towel, he had loosened himself out and was motoring across the floor.

Example 2)

“Come on Dude, let’s go swimming!”
Across the pool he goes and over the side.
And then back into the pool.
And back out.
And back in.
And out.
wash. rinse. repeat.

Wordless Wednesday: Wrinkles

6 07 2011



Word-full Wednesday: 30 Days of Food in One.

18 05 2011

1) I have REALLY missed the clacking comfort of two-handed typing.

2) The Thing to do over on the Book of Faces is “30 days of music”. First, I can’t do anything for 30 days. I tried flossing for a month, I lasted a week. Secondly, I don’t have 30 days to do anything. There’s a mountain of laundry downstairs that would make Bear Grylls shudder.

And NNNOOO haters, it’s not all diapers, it’s 3-weeks of my laundry I’ve been going down and retrieving piece-by-piece on an as-needed basis.

Anyway, as much as I live music, I decided to do a little word swap.

Without further ado: 30 Days of Food in One Post
(I had to use some creative licensing here….)

Day 01 – Your favorite food

Day 02 – Your least favorite food
Beets. Freakin’ ew.

Day 03 – A food that makes you happy

Day 04 – A food that makes you sad

Day 05 – A food that reminds you of someone
Chicken Wings

Day 06 – A food that reminds you of somewhere

Day 07 – A food that reminds you of a certain event
Elephant Ears

Day 08 – A food that you can make without a recipe
Shit on a Shingle

Day 09 – A food that you can dance to
Peanut Butter Jelly!

Day 10 – A food that makes you fall asleep
Open-faced turkey sammich, on thick white bread with gravy and potatoes.

Day 11 – A food from your favorite department
Cauliflower (Produce)

Day 12 – A food from a department you hate
Pigs Feet (Processed/canned)

Day 13 – A food that is a guilty pleasure
Mac and Cheese. Homemade. With crumbly top.

Day 14 – A food that no one would expect you to love

Day 15 – A food that describes you
Chicken. As in an “Attribute”.

Day 16 – A food that you used to love but now hate
Circus Peanuts

Day 17 – A food that you often hear “buzzed about”

Day 18 – A food that you wish you heard “buzzed about”

Day 19 – A food from your favorite album
Tea for the Tillerman (not my “Favorite!” album, but I’m out of food related albums)

Day 20 – A food that you eat to when you’re angry
Chips (er, crisps….)

Day 21 – A food that you eat when you’re happy
Ice Cream! (though I eat it when I’m sad too)

Day 22 – A food that you eat when you’re sad
Popcorn (though I eat it when I’m happy too)

Day 23 – A food that you want to serve at your wedding
If I wasn’t already married and money wasn’t an object, Lobster.

Day 24 – A food that you want to serve at your funeral
Boston Creme Doughnuts

Day 25 – A food that makes you laugh
Cucumbers. Tee hee.

Day 26 – A food that you can play as an instrument
Conch (well, I don’t know that *I* could…)

Day 27 – A food that you wish you could play
Tuna Fish. You can tune a piano… 

Day 28 – A food that makes you feel guilty
Glorious, glorious cheese

Day 29 – A food from your childhood
Key Lime Pie

Day 30 – Your favorite food at this time last year
Sit-down/Dine-in Mexican.

(original idea here: http://tumblring.net/30-songs-in-30-days-list-for-your-tumblr/)

(Belated) Wordless Wednesday: Summer Toes!

12 05 2011




19 04 2011

I assure all of you in my blogcircle that I AM reading your posts.
Figured that most of you didn’t want me to bother with a comment like, “Rock on!” or “YEAH!” or “And then I ate a candle!” (if you do, let me know and I’ll make sure to comment on your posts)
That being said, most of my reading time involves doing something with my boobs, thus making it hard to type and do whatever it is at the same time. I have, however, become rather ambidextrous with my mousing!

Figured that most of my readership doesn’t want/need play-by-plays of my daily life (seeing as it pretty much revolves around poop and naps and making food for poop) or cares that I am spring cleaning to the nth. Rather than clog up your feeds and readers, it’s best to wait until something cool happens.

Oh, and I lost my job.

Right, that is all.