It was 20 (okay, 6) Years Ago Today…

30 11 2007

On a chilly night, the last day of November 2001, I met the man who would change my life.
Weeks earlier, our parents would sing praises of the other’s son/daughter, excaliming that we HAD to meet.  An awkward exchange of contact information occured and we decided that I would pick him up from a house party.
As usual, I got lost.  He gave me directions on my cell phone and he commented “I’m see you and I’m walking towards your car.”  When he stopped and knocked on the passenger window, I lost my breath.
“Is THIS my blind date?” I asked myself.
He got in the car and introduced himself. 
I secretly wished I would have dressed better.
A few beers and many hours later (more talking then drinking), we sat in his truck, not really knowing how to say goodnight.  “Tonight Tonight” by Smashing Pumpkins was playing and we  happened to kiss at the apex of the song.
When the kiss ended, I decided that I did not want (or need) to kiss anyone else’s lips from now on.
Six years later, I still lose my breath when he kisses me.

A Fantastic Afternoon at Emergency Care

28 11 2007

It was a normal afternoon.
I was doing some paperwork, some filing.
Due to it being the end of the year, the cabinet drawers are quite heavy.  The cabinet company was very smart in putting self-closing drawers so the cabinet doesn’t tip when drawers are left open.
This is a fantastic idea, except for when reaching to keep the drawer open, a fingertip finds its way between the pointy corner and the interior of the cabinet.
It hurt so bad that I didn’t even yell.  I swore, but I didn’t yell.
I shook my fingers, i jumped up and down, I doubled over in agony.
After a half hour of Tylynol and ice water, and the swelling hadn’t gone down (and actully had increased), I had an appointment at the emegency care facility.
My finger being twice it’s normal size, swelling all the way down to my knuckle and a reduced sensation, I was hooked up with x-rays.
While I didn’t break it (it’s a very deep bruise), I now sport an EXTRA sexy finger split, which comined with the heat radiating from the injury makes my finger sweat.
I am not looking forward to when the swelling goes down.
It just wouldn’t be the holidays if I wasn’t injured.


24 11 2007

The change of seasons is now official.

The get-togethers have moved from Dan’s backyard to our living room.
Hockey is in full swing.
Thanksgiving is over.
We went to the mall to make fun of all the people who’ve been shopping since 4am.
Christmas Specials are all over the TV.
We’ve treated the windows.
And today, we start brewing our holiday beer.

Somethings make the holidays worth it… even if I don’t particularly care for Chocolate Carmel Malt.


24 11 2007

“oh, ‘love in a box’!  That otta be good!”
Nodding in agreement.
“Oh, it’s jewlery.”
“That’s no D-ina-B.”
“So true.”

Happy Thanksgiving!

22 11 2007

What do you get when two adults start the day with Baileys and Coffee, adding one VERY tolerant lab and a sentiment gone awry?

Bailey’s Thanksgiving Wish
(By the way, she got three mini-biscuits after this and later she gets some turkey.  Not for nothing Bailey, not for nothing…)
(P.S. Bailey is our dog’s name, not just a drink)

Just a bit early, doncha think?

19 11 2007

Not that I entirely mind, but my co-worker enjoys listening to the “soft rock” station.
(For the record, “Old Stephanie” would have thought: “I HATE ‘Big Girls Don’t Cry’.  “New Stephanie”: At least I don’t have to hear it later in the day’)
Well, the station she’s chosen has begun playing Christmas music.  Not just here and there, but NON-STOP.
I understand, I really do, that some people are just bonkers over Christmas. That’s fine.  But it’s not even thanksgiving yet.  My tolerance for Holiday Music is directly proportional to the amount of time until Christmas. 
Also for the record, she says that she doesn’t really listen to the music she’s playing.  I also can hear it from my desk and I totally don’t wnt to get into a battle of speakers.
And am I the only who’s noticed that there isn’t that much Christmas/Holiday Music available?  Under normal circumstances, the soft rock station plays a “no repeat” workday (which just means that you hear the same songs everyday)… how are they going to handle this?
Days like today, I thank heaven for my nano.

Who is this person who has taken over my body?!

16 11 2007

Old Stephanie: WHY are they playing Christmas music already?!  I am not shopping here and in fact, I am going to register a complaint with managment.
New Stephanie: Good for them, trying to get those extra sales in early.  While I don’t understand the appeal of “Silver Bells”, I’m sure it’s someones favorite song.

Old Stephanie: That JERK cut me off!  What?  Did he not see me?  (ten minutes later) I can’t believe I got cut off!  (thirty minutes later) “… and he’s all ‘woosh’ right in front of me!” (eight hours later) “And I almost died when that guy cut in front of me.  Ass.”
New Stephanie: Well, I hope he gets where he’s going.  He’s certianly in a hurry.

Old Stephanie: I am going to sit here and be angry but not tell him why I am angry and he’d better notice that I am angry so I can say nothings wrong and then break down crying in two weeks when I’m really angry.
New Stephanie: “What are you all cranky pants about?”

Old Stephanie: “What do you mean I gained .4 pounds?”
New Stephanie: “That turkey burger WAS salty and I didn’t quite stay on plan this week.  I had a good time over that turkey burger and it was worth it.”

Seriously, why didn’t I talk to my doctor about handling me anger/anxiousness/depression earlier?
Holy cow, all the emotional stress I could have saved myself…

Ear Piercing

15 11 2007

“If you leave me now” by Chicago makes me want to poke my pen into my ear canal.
That man’s worbling, “awwwww-woooo-aaahhh-oooowwww”.
So, just, annoying.
And right after I get off hearing the song on hold, it plays on my co-workers radio.
*hums “My Own Summer”*

Just to get started

15 11 2007

I didn’t much care for the defualt post, so I thought I’d put something else up instead.
Here’s to hoping this isn’t another lost endevor.