Just a bit early, doncha think?

19 11 2007

Not that I entirely mind, but my co-worker enjoys listening to the “soft rock” station.
(For the record, “Old Stephanie” would have thought: “I HATE ‘Big Girls Don’t Cry’.  “New Stephanie”: At least I don’t have to hear it later in the day’)
Well, the station she’s chosen has begun playing Christmas music.  Not just here and there, but NON-STOP.
I understand, I really do, that some people are just bonkers over Christmas. That’s fine.  But it’s not even thanksgiving yet.  My tolerance for Holiday Music is directly proportional to the amount of time until Christmas. 
Also for the record, she says that she doesn’t really listen to the music she’s playing.  I also can hear it from my desk and I totally don’t wnt to get into a battle of speakers.
And am I the only who’s noticed that there isn’t that much Christmas/Holiday Music available?  Under normal circumstances, the soft rock station plays a “no repeat” workday (which just means that you hear the same songs everyday)… how are they going to handle this?
Days like today, I thank heaven for my nano.