Wordless Wednesday: Unnecessary Roughness

23 03 2011

(trying not to make him look like something out of an antique medical book)
(And I was squishing his cheeks)

(extreme close-up!)

A Showering!

26 08 2010

Sunday was our shower.
Well, I shower everyday, it’d be better to say “Sunday was our Baby Shower”.
All the attention turns me into a babbling idiot. E.G. “Oh, q-tips! For cleaning ears and whatever else gets dirty on a baby!”, “This book may be too advanced for us…”, “IT’S GOT EARS ON IT!”, “How’s Steve supposed to fit into this?!”
The weather was up in the air (no pun intended) as the forecast pretty much changed on an hourly basis. We did get a sprinkle (or a shower, AHAHAHHAHHAHA) while guests were arriving, but besides that, it was warm and humid which did a number on my ankles. Sexy.

Of course, Big Sister to be was out and relished the attention from her new kerchief and from being such a damn fine looking dog:

Yes, I do dress my dog up. Yes, she does enjoy it.

We had a TACO  BAR for lunch.
Mainly because it’s different and because Baby loves Mexican.
And then we had cake.
3 layers of amaretto. Even the small pieces were large.

I thought I had a pre-cut photo, it's somewhere....

It had sugar elephants and tigers on it. I ate a lion. It was yummy.

So many presents!!!
Here’s a snap of showing off a goodie.
I like this photo because I’m smiling (most of the photos find me looking like I opened a box of past-prime-fruit, I’m not good at making faces) and my massive ankles are hidden:

Despite what the box says, I'm pretty sure this doesn't need batteries

Once we got the furniture installed, I was able to start to de-box a few things; just to reduce the clutter a bit.
My parents made a contribution into the new piggy bank:


The bill hadn’t even hit the bottom when Steve was out of the room, looking for a hammer:


And of course, if the bed can handle a 65lb dog, it can handle a baby.

If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball

To round things out, here’s photographic evidence of our potential as capable parents:

It takes a village to carry a carseat

Bailey Meets an Endangered Species

29 06 2010

"Naw Bailey! Dat's mmmyyyyyy sea turtle!"

So what if I got a Webkin?
It reminds me of when we went to Mexico and I opted to pass on a fire-onyx-and-other-gemstones turtle in a jewelers store and when I decided I wanted it, we couldn’t remember which store it was at… “Where’s that damn turtle?” is now a phrase we use when it’s time to shit or get off the pot.

Did You Think I was Kidding?

13 12 2009

At the "Brewery"

Amsterdam at Night

Me (hiding), Steve and my German Cousin, Kevin

Me (hiding), Steve and my German Cousin, Kevin, In Germany

Romance on The Grand Canal in Venice

Atop the Eifel Tower

Defending London Tower

Biggest Sabres' Fans in Europe

And enjoying a beer in Dublin

Enjoying beer in Dublin (of course we had Guinness, but this pub didn't serve it)

Oh, or perhaps you know me from my YouTube video…

Antics start at 1:25, I make my appearance at 2:35.
I’m the chick giving the international sign of how to put things together.
(oh, and this has been one my favorite songs by The Hip)

Some Have Devils on Their Shoulders, Some Have Angels…

23 11 2009

Last night, Steve, SMS, SDS and I were at dinner last night and somehow the topic of insurance came up.
We mentioned that ours was pretty good.

“Yeah, my crazy pills were only $10 and my not-having-babies was $30 a
month… so awesome!”
And she looks to me, “Oh, I thought you were stopping those.”
“Excuse me?”
“I thought you were going to stop taking those.”
“Who told you that?”
“I thought you did.”, she remarking, looking very disappointed.

Meanwhile, the voice in the back of my head is laughing hysterically, “Right, because I’d totally tell YOU that.”

But I said, “Uh. No.”

Points a la Bullets (or not)

2 11 2009

Well, things have achieved normality again… or as normal as I can expect them to be.

Work is insanely crazy which makes me just want to go home and sleep, but alas…

Spent most of the weekend wondering how my house gets so trashed when we don’t have people over and I’m [feeling like I’ve been] constantly cleaning.

Sunday continued in our “typical Sunday” fashion. Watched the Buffalo Bills make asshats of themselves, mulched leaves, yelled at Bailey to stop running in the swampland that is our backyard, washed the dog, changed into jammies, had dinner, went to bed.

Saturday was Halloween and we went to Teppo and Charlotte’s house for a party.


lookin' right purty

(‘scuse the camera phone photo… knowing how these things get, I wasn’t about to have my camera lost/ruined/flooded/dropped)
We I made chicken wing dip* and served it as roadkill. I picked up a toy dog, cut open the tummy, removed stuffing and inserted the dish of dip. People were scared to eat it; knowing that I almost ALWAYS bring chicken wing dip.
Anyway, Steve ended up getting a bit too into character and by midnightish, I was assisting him out to YOT.

Despite the approching deadline, we do not have Eurorail passes nor hotels for London or Dublin…

Between The Grief Diet** and actually GOING to the gym, I am feeling progress. Despite that stupid scale not moving. And my trainer quitting (I have a new trainer I’m trying this evening.. I think he has a mullet if it’s who I think it is. Deets to come). And being so busy that I have to make myself go for the half hour. My bag is in the trunk, hopefully I will be able to go right from work and get some cardio in before Mullet makes me cry.

* -2 8oz packages of cream cheese, softened
– 1 bottle (wazzat, 16oz?) blue cheese
– 2 cups shredded cheddar cheese
– 2 large cans of chicken breast (found near the tuna in most stores)
– Hot sauce to taste
DO NOT go all low fat or it won’t melt right or taste right.
Mix everything together and bake at 350 for about 20 minutes, until gooey and bubbly.

** Being really sad and not wanting to eat. You’ll be happy to know that when I’m eating, it’s fairly healthy.

Joys of Marriage: Episode #956

2 10 2009

Via text

me: What the hell happened to you last night?
him: Why?
me: Um, the whole loud sheet-stealing 2am thing…
him: Do not remember.
me: you don’t remember? Holy shit, you ripped all the blankets off the bed, started belching and you ran into the TV.
him: Nice. I remember the belching and TV thing. I do not remember the blanket thing.
me: nice for you. the two of you [he and Bailey] were back snoring in no time. I, however, was up for an hour. Oh, and you  kept belching. Often in my direction.
him: I am starving.