Who is this person who has taken over my body?!

16 11 2007

Old Stephanie: WHY are they playing Christmas music already?!  I am not shopping here and in fact, I am going to register a complaint with managment.
New Stephanie: Good for them, trying to get those extra sales in early.  While I don’t understand the appeal of “Silver Bells”, I’m sure it’s someones favorite song.

Old Stephanie: That JERK cut me off!  What?  Did he not see me?  (ten minutes later) I can’t believe I got cut off!  (thirty minutes later) “… and he’s all ‘woosh’ right in front of me!” (eight hours later) “And I almost died when that guy cut in front of me.  Ass.”
New Stephanie: Well, I hope he gets where he’s going.  He’s certianly in a hurry.

Old Stephanie: I am going to sit here and be angry but not tell him why I am angry and he’d better notice that I am angry so I can say nothings wrong and then break down crying in two weeks when I’m really angry.
New Stephanie: “What are you all cranky pants about?”

Old Stephanie: “What do you mean I gained .4 pounds?”
New Stephanie: “That turkey burger WAS salty and I didn’t quite stay on plan this week.  I had a good time over that turkey burger and it was worth it.”

Seriously, why didn’t I talk to my doctor about handling me anger/anxiousness/depression earlier?
Holy cow, all the emotional stress I could have saved myself…




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