A Fantastic Afternoon at Emergency Care

28 11 2007

It was a normal afternoon.
I was doing some paperwork, some filing.
Due to it being the end of the year, the cabinet drawers are quite heavy.  The cabinet company was very smart in putting self-closing drawers so the cabinet doesn’t tip when drawers are left open.
This is a fantastic idea, except for when reaching to keep the drawer open, a fingertip finds its way between the pointy corner and the interior of the cabinet.
It hurt so bad that I didn’t even yell.  I swore, but I didn’t yell.
I shook my fingers, i jumped up and down, I doubled over in agony.
After a half hour of Tylynol and ice water, and the swelling hadn’t gone down (and actully had increased), I had an appointment at the emegency care facility.
My finger being twice it’s normal size, swelling all the way down to my knuckle and a reduced sensation, I was hooked up with x-rays.
While I didn’t break it (it’s a very deep bruise), I now sport an EXTRA sexy finger split, which comined with the heat radiating from the injury makes my finger sweat.
I am not looking forward to when the swelling goes down.
It just wouldn’t be the holidays if I wasn’t injured.