Thoughtful Thursday

20 01 2011

Here are some things which have been rolling around in my brain:

* The best plan is a loose plan
*Motherhood has made me calm the f down (well, after all the near-dying-crazy-hormone-drama ceased)
* People who make baby clothes probably don’t have a baby
* I never realized how I take simple things for granted, such as realizing I have hands, rolling over, bladder control…
* God bless the inventors of washing machines, cell phones, laptops and e-mail subscriptions
* I live in a culture of excess
* YOT’s lease is up in two weeks and I haven’t even considered looking at new vehicles
* Vanity is a selfish reason to not to do something
* My instincts are more right than ever
* Meals are best enjoyed warm. Beer is best enjoyed cold. I am lacking both simple pleasures.
*You get what you pay for and if your therapist isn’t totally covered by your insurance, it may be worth paying for.
* Some bands/artists I do not like: ELO, Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, The Eagles, John Melloncamp (all incarnations), Celine Dion

To my Blogosphere Buddies…./ More of a Wordless Wednesday

5 01 2011

WordPress changed up their reader when I was trying not to stroke out in the hospital (in October, not recently).
For some reason, your blogs aren’t showing up in my reader which is clogged with lolcats.
That being said, I am making an ernest effort to catch up on everyone’s doings because I miss you all!

And now, onto your regularly scheduled programming:

(Kali's got a gun and Buffy's got a cleaver... they're fighting)

And this is supposed to be Mr. C