It was 20 (okay, 6) Years Ago Today…

30 11 2007

On a chilly night, the last day of November 2001, I met the man who would change my life.
Weeks earlier, our parents would sing praises of the other’s son/daughter, excaliming that we HAD to meet.  An awkward exchange of contact information occured and we decided that I would pick him up from a house party.
As usual, I got lost.  He gave me directions on my cell phone and he commented “I’m see you and I’m walking towards your car.”  When he stopped and knocked on the passenger window, I lost my breath.
“Is THIS my blind date?” I asked myself.
He got in the car and introduced himself. 
I secretly wished I would have dressed better.
A few beers and many hours later (more talking then drinking), we sat in his truck, not really knowing how to say goodnight.  “Tonight Tonight” by Smashing Pumpkins was playing and we  happened to kiss at the apex of the song.
When the kiss ended, I decided that I did not want (or need) to kiss anyone else’s lips from now on.
Six years later, I still lose my breath when he kisses me.