Life List

The term “Bucket List” seems so, morbid… so, instead, I propose a “Life List”. Things that when then time comes, I can look back and say, “I am so glad I…”
Of course the list is subject to change and some of the things are from when I was younger and pretty certain I was destined to clock out early.

  • Go to the rain forest
  • Kiss under the Eiffel tower
  • See hummingbirds in the wild
  • Zip cord across a canopy
  • SCUBA dive
  • Ride in an hot air balloon
  • Volunteer at at soup kitchen
  • Visit every continent
  • Push out a baby
  • Do something for someone that takes their breath away
  • Run a 5k
  • Run a 10k
  • Volunteer at an animal shelter
  • Have a photo shown someplace famous

3 responses

16 01 2010

I’m so jealous of the ones you have accomplished already. I would love to do any or all of those – now on your still to accomplish task, the “push out a baby” is a physical impossibility, but the others I’d like to do as well.

16 01 2010
Stephanie of Stopbouncing


21 03 2010

“Push out a baby”.
That actually made me laugh out loud. Good job I’m home alone…

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