The Great Pumpkin Sacrifice of 2009

29 10 2009


Are there weird pumpkin pricing protocols in your area?
There are two farmer’s markets (quite literally, a market on a farm) right near my house.
One markets sells pumpkins based on size, starting at$6-ish. The other market sells by the pound.
You know where I went.
Those butes above set me back $4.75. The pumpkins we purchased last weekend (for decoration) cost $11 and there’s only 3 of them.

I digress.
Seeing as my massage therapist had to testify, she couldn’t come over so I decided to murder some pumpkins.
(also, there’s two cameos in the reflection, Beans and me)


(obligatory Bailey/Pumpkin photo)

(this would be Kali cutting in front of the camera)

Right, so, back to pumpkins.
By now, we’re well acquainted my my sheer lack of artistic talent (see “animal crackers” and “gingerbread bears“)… So before taking a knife to the pumpkins…


It was rather ironic that I used a grape scented marker to pattern my pumpkins…

And so the supervision began:
IMG_2009 IMG_2012

Once Bailey approved my cleaning, the fun really began.

Holy crap, could it be?
Did I actually carve halfway what I wanted to?!?
Less the skull & crossbones looking a bit cartoonish…


29 10 2009

It’s not something I hide… my lack of conventional religion.
However, being the curious creature that I am, I often find myself listening to Catholic Radio when there’s nothing musically intriguing on the dial.
Often, these sessions leave me with more questions than answers and I find myself wondering why I listen… I hardly agree with what is being said, thinking that what I call chance some call Divine Intervention.
I guess it’s more of a trying-to-see-it-from-the-other-side. What is it that makes religions so rampant?
Perhaps it’s part of me thinking/wondering if I’m missing something in my life (Nat, so help me if you say “babies!”). Am I shorting myself because I don’t get faith and all things church/mosque/temple related? Why is this not a big deal to me?

Not that I’m looking for answers to questions, but what do you find yourself doing that you don’t know why you do it?

Love Notes: Downtown Edition

27 10 2009

Dear Driver,
I know and you know that when I’m walking, I have the right-of-way.

Dear Driver,
When I wave you though the intersection, the least you can do is wave back.
I will remember your face, namely your scowl and next time, I will enter the intersection.

Dear Driver,
Believe you me… I want to get hit as much as you want to hit me.

Dear Driver,
Put down the cell phone  and realize that white outlined stop signs aren’t optional.

Dear Guy in the Library Who Tried to Pick Me Up,
‘Twas cute.
Your whole, “I seen you around and well, was wondering if you was single.”
However, girls who are dressed business-like and in a library are often sticklers for proper grammar.
Even if I wasn’t taken.
Please stop stalking me from behind the spinner of New Young Adult Fiction.

Dear Driver,
Looking to your right while turning your wheel left, into a crosswalk and not using a blinker while a cop is across the street is not a good idea.
Bonus points because I was a couple feet from your car.
But I’m sure you’re really important and have good insurance.

Dear Driver,
Maybe I like walking.
It’s not like it’s -4 out. Yet.
Save your pity stares for the bum in front of Rite Aid.

Dear Mummerer,
Were you calling me “gorgeous” or was your Turrets acting up?
It’s hard to tell with you downtown folk.


Best Friends

25 10 2009
Bailey Kisses

Bailey Kisses

Stephanie Kisses

Stephanie Kisses

Tug-of-War (she won)

Tug-of-War (she won)

Bailey hugs!

Bailey hugs!

What You Need to Hear

23 10 2009

PITA*, trying to be all small-talk: Hey.
me, typing a report: Hey.
PITA: How’s that [spec] book [that I gave you four days ago and is 200+ pages without any real information available] coming along?
me, typing: It’s coming along.
PITA: Yeah?
me, slightly annoyed: Yup.
PITA: Okay, I’ll come back in a little while then.
me: No. I’ll come to you when it’s preliminarily done.
PITA, shocked: Well. Okay then.

Yes, You.

Yes, You.

What is it with people not realizing that the more they bother the minions, the less miniony work gets done?!

*Pain In The Ass…

Delayed Wordless Wednesday

22 10 2009
Ranger, my Aunt & Uncles dogga

Ranger, my Aunt & Uncle's dogga


20 10 2009

Just some birdies from Grandma’s house…

This Cardnial (jerk bird), likes to hang outside of the bedroom where I sleep

This Cardnial ("jerk bird"), likes to hang outside of the bedroom where I sleep

Blue Jay Way

Blue Jay Way

Woody Woodpecker

Woody Woodpecker