Cosmic Sign of Motivation

27 02 2008

A couple of posts ago I mentioned a goal and a reward.
Well, as the cosmos has done with doughnuts and other signs, another green light came yesterday.
I got some news regarding The Reward and well, ends up that the timing is perfect.
Now my only major issues are logistical and financial, which are pretty inconsequential at this point.

It’s like, it’s not just for me anymore and now I feel kind of bad about eating those chips with ranch dressing.

Bailey is Special…

26 02 2008

To foster learning the adorable trick of hiding, the dog trick book suggested to put a sticky-note or something that will make your dog want to scratch it’s face.
So I find some stickies and press one on the side of Bailey’s lip.  She looks confused.  She stares with her telekinetic ways towards the pouch of my hoodie where the treats are.
The sticky falls from her face, not missing a beat, she catches it in mid-air, eats it and goes back to staring at the pouch.

I wonder about her sometimes.

Nat.Geo. Comes to the Office

25 02 2008

Our fax doesn’t ring, but it’s quite loud when it prints.  If you’re waiting for as fax, you can just listen for the whirrrr-click-click-click and walk to the machine.

Imagine, for a moment, that Nemmie is a hawk and the fax machine is a stuffed bunny.


This is what happens 9 out of 10 faxes.
Not that that bothers me, but
a) What exactly are you waiting for?
b) What aren’t you doing that you can wait to pounce on the fax?
c) Why do you leave the fax on the machine if it’s not for you?

What I Learned This Weekend

25 02 2008

What I Learned This Weekend, By Stephanie.

Labatt Max Ice may sound like a good idea, but it’s really not and it will lead to a lost weekend.

When people ask you where you found that beer and you start off by saying, “In the back of the cooler at the gas station”, you should transport yourself back in time and tell your past-self to put the beer down and stick to Labatt Blue.

Because frankly, no one likes a puker.

Evidence of the injury.

24 02 2008

Below, you’ll be able to see the injury.  I think it’s a bit gross, so that sounds like fair warning.
If I knew how to work my camera, there’d be better focus…
Okay, so here we have the side with the hardened blood blister. I thought this was the side I broke, but you’ll see that’s not the case.
And here’s the side that was bleeding. There is some swelling still, but I think due to the blister on the other side, I didn’t think much of this part of the injury…

bloodied side
That was, until the swelling went down (a bit) and I have a very sexy crook right above the knuckle. Oh, it’s tender and I have to watch how I tape it and/or how the splint bumps against this side… evidently.


Coincidently, this finger illustrates how I feel about the injury.

The $109 Cupcake Carrier and the Subsequent Awful Cupcakes

22 02 2008

After a visit to WW, I was bored and wasn’t quite ready to go home.
I had planned to make cupcakes when I got home, with the intent of bringing some to work and have some for Steve’s study group.  It dawned on me that I didn’t have anything to BRING the cupcakes into work or to keep them from getting stale until Sunday.
So naturally, a trip to Bed Bath and Beyond was required.  Seeing as I don’t shop at Wal*Mart and didn’t want to backtrack to Target/Kohls, BBB was (clearly) the only logical choice.
“I am here for a cake/cupcake holder and THAT’S it.” I tell myself as I walk in the door.
I find the saver-ware and there was a cake saver.  Oh, but right next to it (for $10 more) is a WHOLE SET-UP.  Mini-cupcake baker, regular cupcake baker, a REAL 13×9 pan, a platform for cake and a reversible  mini/regular cupcake tray (to keep your cakes in place during transport).  Justifying that this is something I will need in the next ten years when the eventual kid has to take cupcakes to school, it ends up in my hand.
On my way towards the registers, as I am sticking to The Plan, I pass organizers.  FOR THE CABINETS!!!
I put the set on the ground and marvel at all the things available for organizing crap in cupboards.  I see baskets (“I could use those for my cups and spoons!”) but after seeing they’re $5 a piece, I opt out.  However, I did not opt out of the vertical stacker (for all the flat stuff jumbled in the back of the cupboard) and the sliding basket set (for my OTHER saverware and lids).
Now I have a basket.  And I remember that they have candles on clearance.  So back across the store I go.  I end up with a vanilla cupcake candle (foreshadowing, I’m sure) and a set of candles for this weird holder that Steve’s mom got for us.
I am REALLY heading to the front of the store now, when there’s ANOTHER clearance section and somehow this completely romantic candle holder ends up in the basket too.
Then I remember that I wanted to pick up a duster.  So back around the store I go.  In the cleaning aisle, I remember that my dust pan is busted.  So one of those ends up in the basket too.  I did not, however, pick up a broom as I could not remember if mine was indeed broken.
And now I’m REALLY headed to the register.  I queue up and see a dryer lint brush and I think of how Steve gets cut up every time he clears the vent so that gets purchased too.
Finally home, I start baking cupcakes.
If they were just going to be for a few people, I would have used canola oil, but I opted for the more universal vegetable oil.  I don’t usually cook with veggie oil, so I didn’t think much when it smelled a bit off.
The cupcakes are baking and my cutting boards, cutting sheets, baking sheets, pizza sheets, steamergrill and saverware are delightfully organized.
I’m watching the hockey game (GO SABRES!) and I smell plastic.  I figure it’s the new cupcake tray.
DING.  Cupcakes are done and the house still smells like plastic.  Odd.
After they cool, I quality control one and it tastes like plastic.  Odd.  I used paper cups…
And I’m thinking to myself, “does oil go bad?  That’s the only thing I changed…”  And I check the side of the jug.

Best Used By: Sept 12 06

Positive Self-Talk

21 02 2008

‘s a fact. (or so I’m told)
Positive self-talk can help change your ideals and better help you reach your goal.
This morning I’m evaluating my ensemble in the mirror and I turn around to check out my butt.  Self-centered, maybe, but (ha!) I’d say most people see me from behind (ha!).
So here’s the dialog, which may have been in my head or to Kali. Whatever.

“Holy crap, your ass looks huge.”
“Hey now.  It’s certainly not as huge as it used to be.  These are your skinny jeans.”
“You’re right!”
“Remember when you were layering your shirts to cover the muffin-top?  Yeah, not so much.”
“So true!  This shirt is long and has a wide band.   You looked fierce in these same jeans and a different shirt.  Hurry up so we can get some Hortons coffee.”
“Hell to the yeah.”

And like that, I went from telling myself that I was a disgrace and failure to telling myself that I rock.

Haiku Movie Review: Underworld Evolution

20 02 2008

Blood, guns, swords, bombs
Hot vampires and werewolves
Kate Beckinsale

You Win This Time…

20 02 2008

(wordpress was being a cranky pants yesterday so I wasn’t able to post this…)

Bacon was calling me.
Like a tantrum.
So I cave in and go to Tim Hortons for lunch.
While in line, I’m contemplating what to order, besides a turkey club wrap.
It’s my turn to order.
The words come out of my mouth before I realize what is happening.  “TurkeyClubWrapComoboOnWheat.”  (for the record, a combo comes with the sandwich, coffee, soup, roll and doughnut) (dude, Boston creme, hello!)
“Will that be all?”
I think to myself, sarcastically, “Yeah, a ba-dunk-a-dunk-butt and a bagel.  Awesome.” but respond “No, that’ll do it.”
WorkerBee gives me my total and I pay, thinking that it’s a good price for the glutton I’m about to partake in.  I look forward to my coffee and doughnut, wondering why he hasn’t asked how I want my coffee and what kind of doughnut I want.
It then dawns on me that he did not hear the “combo” part of the order and I just paid $4.35 for a sandwhich…. which took 5 minutes to make.
Oh, cruel fate, you win this time… telling me that I don’t really want a sweet doughnut, covered in thick delicious chocolate and thick sweet custard on the inside… the kind that kind of oozes out over your fingers because it’s so full it comes out of the other side when you bite into it and the custard from your fingers tastes almost as good as the custard in the doughnut and then you realize that you’re moaning and your co-worker is looking at you like you’re re-inacting the scene from “When Harry met Sally.”

And in other, yet somehow related news, this article on, warns that one SHOULD NOT ingest parasitic worms in order to lose weight. *puts down truck-stop-vending-machine-egg-salad-sandwich*

And in other, yet somehow related news, I have decided to set a goal for myself (which, par for the course will stick for about 2 weeks).  And if I meet this goal (both in time and in idea) I am going to reward myself.  I know what the reward is.  I’m not telling though.  I need to motivation to actually do it.

Raise your water liters!  A toast.  To willpower!

Note to Self: #32

17 02 2008


When you have kid(s) and you’re at the grocery store and the kid(s) is screaming for another rip of cheese, PLEASE, pull into an aisle or off to the side before finding the deli bag in the cart, opening the bag, ripping off a piece of cheese and making sure the “good baby” has gummed and swallowed the entire piece.