Happy Halloween!

31 10 2010


(we’re still around, just, wow, whoda known that this whole “parenthood” thing would be so tiring/demanding/exhausting… I mean, besides other mothers and fathers)


Oh, and of course, the cutest pumpkin…

His feet are so big, he’s almost out of newborn footed clothes because his big/itty toes are getting smooshed up in the feeties.

Wordful Wednesday: Selfish

13 10 2010

To anyone who feels personally offended that I haven’t been updating:
We were admitted Thursday night.
Baby Boy Mak showed up Friday morning  (6lbs, 4 oz), via a slice in my adbomen and since then, I’ve been trying not to die*.
Seems my bribe of pumpkin cupcakes didn’t work as my arm’s bruising up from my IVs (yes, plural) and blood draw sites. At least they listened to me and only used tape when 100% necessary.
Anyway, here we are this morning after breakfast.

He’s a champ and has charmed all the nurses.
I, meanwhile, continue to be on modifed bedrest, while charming the nurses with my humor.

* Dr. Wiki on HELLP Syndrome. My platlets were at 6k during the event, if you get to the part that talks about severity. So thanks to the aunt who said I looked terrible while my major organs were failing. You win the “awesome. shut-up” award.