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30 06 2008

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30 06 2008

I’m entereing work order information for a project we’re doing at one of those assisted/independant-licing retirement communiites.
I get to an order and it’s for a craft room.
There are two pictures that pop into my head.

1) Picnic tables of grandparents.  They’re all wearing red t-shirts with the name of the home on them.  Some tables are making boondoggle, some make macaroni pictures and others are making those yard-wrapped-around-Popsicle-stick-things.   A few weeks later, their kids or grandkids get a box addressed from the home.  The well-to-do grown children open the package and roll their eyes at yet another watercolor.

2) Rocking chairs.  Quilts.


30 06 2008

I had a birthday unparrelled.

Saturday morning, I cleaned the house. Steve was working and I was bored.
I also went to an estate sale where I found some Pyrex dishes I wanted and a new toliet paper thing for the bathroom. $6 for everything.
Then I went to the OP Antique Mall and picked up an emo snail plant potter.  (I ran out of potting soil, so I just dropped a whole plant in there, thus, the pink)

My in-laws took me out for dinner on Saturday night and they got me my own lemon tarte. Because lemons and I are likethis.
And they surprised me with a mix-and-match flower book (so you can pre-combo your annuals and perennials to see what looks good together), a “butter boy” (it hold pads of butter for corn on the cob), some corn of the cob dishes, a cupcake book (to be tried out this week) with MY NEW KITCHEN-AID MIXER. Oh, the creme-de-la-creme of potentially useless, yet highly coveted, kitchen appliances. And it’s in a glazed steel color, which matches the kitchen theme.

Sunday was my day with Steve and my actual birthday .
He got me a cookbook (yeah!), two antiquing books (a glass field guide and a weapon-sized 2009 price guide), a veggie grilling tool and a ventian glass braclet; which I had been asking for for the better part of five years.
Then he took me to Ellicottville, which is a ski resort town about an hour south. For lunch, we went to EBC and had a “brewski” which was 5 craft beers served on, wait for it, a ski.

We wandered around the town, there were some cute little shops… in fact, one of them had a bug, VERY similar to the one purchsed from The AllentownArt Fest, but at over twice the cost. Yeah, um, no.
Afterward, he drove a bit further south and took me to this antique barn that we always pass on the way to camping.
It was FANTASIC and I was treated to a new piece of Imperial Candlewick (the glass pattern I collect and is a bitch to find in orignal, unscratched and non-reproductioned condition): a candy basket.

Then we got take-out for dinner and I capped it all off by falling asleep on the sofa at like 7.

What was even better, was that, well, it’s not that he’s been a bear latley, but his job has sucked and with school and everything, well, he’s been a bit of a bear. Yesterday, it was like the Steve I fell in love with… charmingly witty, attentive…
him: “What’s great is that the braclet has like, earrings and a necklace that go along with it.”
“Wicked! So what’s this anniversary? Is it glass?”
“I hope so. Then I’m in luck. Or you’re in luck. Whatever, luck.”

I woke up with a huge smile on my face, I feel asleep with one and I feel like I’m on cloud nine.
Call it “Birthday Afterglow”.
(And then it snuggles and turns into a cup of Tim Hortons.)

(P.S. I’m now 29 for those of you following along.)

History Lesson

28 06 2008

While I wait for my French Toast to cook…

Here I am, 17 years ago, deciding what to wish for.  Note the neon, those are leggings, the FANTASTIC perm and we are camping.

And this would be about 11 years ago.  I know because my hair is purple/pink and we’re camping again.

And this would be, um, ten, maybe nine years ago.  (Sorry for the inclusion mom, but my toast is burning and I don’t know how to photoshop you out… loooovvveee you)  Rocking the overalls, a zillion necklaces and my boyfriend-at-the-times class ring.

I remember that Dad would always make the day before my birthday special as well, thus the french toast and antiqueing later today.

Do you have any birthday traditions?

BunnyGate: Development #2

27 06 2008

I got home this afternoon to see the half-a-bun not in my grass, but back in the street.

Depending where the body is tomorrow depends where I cut the grass. Because nothing says Birthday Weekend like mowing the lawn and cleaning the house. woo.

Protected: Week 1 Results

27 06 2008

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Fridge Vacuuming Trumped

27 06 2008

Well, it seems that I have indeed found something worse then vacuuming the fridge.

Sometime between Wednesday night and Thursday morning, someone ran over a rabbit.  The crows had already started demolition work on the carrion.

I didn’t really think much of it until this morning when I realized that there wasn’t a murder* on the pavement.  Then I looked to make sure the garage door was closed, and I saw that someone had lovingly thrown the corpse just on our side of the property line.


So, while I almost puked in the kitchen over the state of the intake duct, there is no way in hell I am removing a partially eaten rabbit corpse from the lawn.
For the record, I already did that a few years ago when a crow picked a BABY BUNNY out of a nest and dropped it from a tree, killing it, and with Steve being at work, you can guess the hysterics that resulted. (here’s a hint.  I’m on my cell phone, crying.  “And-sniff-the bunny-wail-it’s dead!  DEEEAAADDDD!  WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?!?!?!”)

*murder: flock of crows

Protected: Delayed Reaction

26 06 2008

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Hot Fun in the Summertime

25 06 2008

(yes yes, I know that dogs aren’t supposed to have “people food” and yes yes, I know what not to feed my dog. She’s made it this far.)

(Oh, and below each picture is what Bailey would be saying, if she spoke human. Thankfully, I purchased Rosetta Stone in dog.)

“Pupcicle?! I’d love one!”


“Om nom nom nom nom”

“Great, and now I have brain freeze. Thanks a lot mom.” (and to all you PETAers, she’s blinking)

This one was harder to dechiper as there was a bunch of shouting coming from another yard. It’s either, “You have to sleep sometime woman.” or “I’m working on growing thumbs and then all the popcicles will be mine. Mine! MIIIINNEEE!”

You know you wanna see Beezis on Click on her to vote.

Jimney Cricket!

24 06 2008

I can remember like, twice that I actively searched for presents before they were “delivered”, as it may be.
Perhaps it’s guilt of knowing that I should wait, or wanting more excitement on the day itself.

Yesterday, I get to the mailbox and I see an unfamiliar envelope.  Thinking it’s something I may have applied for forever ago, I tear it open.

It wasn’t a free offer.
It was a card letting me know that Dad had purchased me four perennials.

Less then 24 hours after seeing the card, I leave a frantic message on their machine.
“I’m sorry, but I didn’t recognize the address and I thought it was something else and I didn’t know but thank you for the flowers.”

Because even as I approach twenty-nine, I am still riddled with the guilt of being a nosy six-year old.