Wordless Wednesday: When Babies Attack

30 03 2011



Wordless Wednesday: Unnecessary Roughness

23 03 2011

(trying not to make him look like something out of an antique medical book)
(And I was squishing his cheeks)

(extreme close-up!)

(the return of) WTFFriday

11 03 2011

Dear Lady on the Train who was Painting Her Nails,
Who paints their nails on the TRAIN?!
I STILL have a headache.

Dear Pedestrians,
Just because you have the right-of-way doesn’t mean you get to walk like an ass.
Use the crosswalk.
Cross when you’re allowed.
Don’t dawdle.
Also, I don’t want to hit you any more than you want to be hit, so The Death Stare isn’t necessary.

Dear C-Section Scar,
If you’d stop hurting after I work out,  I could work out more.

Dear Mr. C,
If you’d stop putting your arm up to your elbow into your mouth, you wouldn’t throw up.
Just Sayin’.

Dear Mr. C’s Teeth,
You’re hurting my baby.
Show yourselves already.

Dear Lady Who is Always in Front of Me Wherever I Go,
Get your change, move aside.
Do not stand directly in front of the register and repack your bills and change into your wallet, put your wallet into your purse, close your purse, put your purse over your shoulder and take your bag.

Dear Beer,
How I loved and missed you.