Wordless Wednesday: Unnecessary Roughness

23 03 2011

(trying not to make him look like something out of an antique medical book)
(And I was squishing his cheeks)

(extreme close-up!)



5 responses

23 03 2011

I see a toofy!!!!!!


(Breasts say Booooooooo!!)


23 03 2011
Tony McGurk

I see a toofy too but I didn’t notice at 1st. Thought I was supposed to see an ulcer or some other gum problem. Yay for toofys

23 03 2011

Toofy!!! shouldn’t this be under WTFFriday..cuz that’s what I’d be saying to that ornery toofer..WTF just come in already and give us some peace!!!

23 03 2011

the endless drool that comes with teething. fortunately, you are already prepared for this by none other than Ms. Bailey Beans…

23 03 2011

Wow. Congratulations. You have succeeded in making an itty-bitty baby look not cute.

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