Oh, Right, Update

22 11 2017

Since 2011

  • We had another Kid. He is 4, the other is 7. SEVEN. What the what.
  • Older Cat (Buffy) died. She walked out the door when I let Bailey out, giving me the chocolate starfish before meowing at me and walking away.
  • Bailey (dog) died.  I had to be in charge of that and it was awful. She got very sick, very fast.
  • Closed the shop. Physiological wounds remain.
  • Got a puppy. She’s 5.5 months old and a rescue dog. Much to the kid’s chagrin, she doesn’t recuse people, we rescued her. She was found, at 6 weeks old, on a property in SC that “didn’t know they had dogs”. Moved in with us at 13 weeks and has been a welcome addition since. The Mister said that her sister was being fixed at the same time and the family thought our dog was their dog due to color and “weird spotty tongue”. The other dog pooped in the parking lot, while our dog poops where we need to use the yard.
  • Gives more information about the dog than anything else. I have my reasons.



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