Why is my Name an Ugly Whatever?

29 11 2009


My name ain’t got no alibi, it’s UGLY!

No, no, not my actual name, I’m quite fond of it (despite when I was 11 and wanted to change my name to Tiffany, but that’s for another time)… however, with the new trend of naming items, namley clothes, after people, my name has become ugly.


“Stephanie” by softspots shoes
I hear this is a dress by “Type Z”
“Cindy Says”, but Stephanie Says WTF


Just what I've never wanted to be named after

Really? Why?

Really? Why? I don't care if it's chocolate.

However, I will say that the stemware (which I own) is allowed to have my namesake, mainly because it’s brimmed in platinum.


Yes. YES. YES!

Please tell me that you share a name with something uglier than a chocolate shoe covered in fake flowers.


Thankful +/- 30

27 11 2009

(in no real order)
1a- Steve for putting up with my insanity
1b- My parents for putting up with my insanity
2- My in-laws, who for as much griping as I do about them, they haven’t tried to poison me. Or get Steve to divorce me.
3- My extended family
4- A puppy who loves me
5- Relatively good health
6- The fine people who came up with Zoloft
7- My job
8- YOT
9- Warm puss paws
10- Cheese
11- Beer
12- Bread
13- 5 working senses
14- A wonderful, safe, warm home
15- Steve’s job
16- Friends. Great Friends
17- Being able to laugh at myself.
18- All the experiences I’ve had
19- the gym
20- music
21- books
22- Sharing
23- lolcats
24- memes
25- Doggies who are rescued from the pound
26- Babies who smile/laugh
27- Corn and other assorted veggies
28- Beer
29- a varied taste
30- The freedom to be able to be able to post what I want/America

Electronic Album Art

25 11 2009

In this age of iPods and whatever, I feel as though the art of Album Art has gone by the wayside.
I was putting some of my CDs on iTunes last night and the case for Violator (Depeche Mode) was HEAVY. BECAUSE OF LINER NOTES.

Some “albums” didn’t have art associated with them (mainly because they came off of very old/pre-piracy CDs) and that grey note box is just, depressing.



By right clicking on the “album” and then picking “get info”, you can choose what to use for the album art.

I spent way too much time last night applying the following:

“90s” album

For "80s"

"reps" (for the gym)

Do tell reader(s), what silly album art do you incorporate?


Some Have Devils on Their Shoulders, Some Have Angels…

23 11 2009

Last night, Steve, SMS, SDS and I were at dinner last night and somehow the topic of insurance came up.
We mentioned that ours was pretty good.

“Yeah, my crazy pills were only $10 and my not-having-babies was $30 a
month… so awesome!”
And she looks to me, “Oh, I thought you were stopping those.”
“Excuse me?”
“I thought you were going to stop taking those.”
“Who told you that?”
“I thought you did.”, she remarking, looking very disappointed.

Meanwhile, the voice in the back of my head is laughing hysterically, “Right, because I’d totally tell YOU that.”

But I said, “Uh. No.”

It’s over… They’ve Surrendered. ShoeGate Fall/Winter is done.

21 11 2009

After the phone call of non-pushiness, I receive a message in my inbox.

From: .com shoe store
re: Your Inquiry

We’re constantly working to improve our site and your shopping experience, so please let us know if we resolved your question.
(links to survey)

Oh! A can of worms? For me?!

Your name:Stephanie
Subject:Survey Response

Comments:when asked why it is taking more than 5 business days for my package to arrive, I don’t feel as though I was given an accurate response other than the date was estimated.
I am so very frustrated with the debacle regarding shipping.

Mu ha ha ha.
That’ll show them.

From: .com shoe store
re: Your Inquiry

Thank you for contacting us about this. I’m so sorry your first order with us isn’t going as expected.
I have checked your order and see it is estimating it to arrive 6 business days after your order shipped. We also show that the package has been handed over to USPS so you may receive your package before November 24, 2009.
We pride ourselves in convenience and efficiency at .com shoe store, but I can see we didn’t meet that standard here. I hope you’ll give us another chance to make this right, and that we can prove the quality of our service with your next order.
We value your business and hope to see you again soon.
We’re constantly working to improve our site and your shopping experience, so please let us know if we resolved your question.
(links to survey)


Your name:Stephanie
Subject:Survey Response
Comments:I don’t understand how a package “ships” on 11/16 and as of 11/20, there is not movement from the shipper.
Class: Package Services
Service(s): Delivery Confirmation
Status: Electronic Shipping Info Received
The U.S. Postal Service was electronically notified by the shipper on November 19, 2009 to expect your package for mailing. This does not indicate receipt by the USPS or the actual mailing date. Delivery status information will be provided if / when available. Information, if available, is updated periodically throughout the day. Please check again later.

By this time, I’m about ready to throw up from rage.
So, in the meantime, I head to the mailbox (of course I had them sent to work!) and what is waiting for me?
“Don’t you feel bad now?!”, my co-worker mockinlgy asked me.
Back at my desk, they’re cuter then expected*. They felt nice. Then I took a step and left the shoe where it was.
Damn you reviews! These are too big!
I proceed to fill out an RMA and the bastard shoes are back to .com shoe store.

W.T.F. am I going to do now?

If you’re still reading, last night (before heading out to see “Fiddler on the Roof”) I went to the local chain which is known more for it’s “sensible” (read: embroirded sweatshirts with “Love my Grandchildren!” amongst trendy teenager clothes and ladies business suits) styles.
Found a pair, loved them, they loved me but they weren’t the right size and the ones that were, were the wrong color.
This morning I headed out to another outlet of the same store and low-and-behold, the display shoe is the size and color I need.
Plus, a $10 off coupon?! Hell yeah.
Crisis averted.
While teetering on the wrong side of the ratio, they’re comfortable, have enough heel and look okay with jeans and pants.


Maybe tonight, I can sleep πŸ™‚
*I knew I was going to be on the other end of the cute:comfortable ratio

“Yeah, Don’t Think I’ll be Buying Anything Else from You….”

20 11 2009

ShoeGate, Fall/Winter Edition, devolpment:

Employee at .com shoe store: Thanks for calling .com shoe store, how can I help you?

me: Could you clarify your shipping policy?

.com shoe store: Sure (explanation, ver batium from website)

me: Hm. Interesting. Because I ordered a pair of shoes on Monday morning, was told that they shipping Monday evening and you’d think that by Friday, there’d be some tracking available.
.com shoe store: It’s looking like you’ll have your shipment by Tuesday.

me: That’s not 5 business days. Plus, YOUR site says that date, while the shipper has no information.

.com shoe store: Um.

me: So, when does that five days start?

.com shoe store: Uh.

me: Yeah, so see, I didn’t pick the $20 expedited service because 3-5 business days from Monday is Friday. It is Friday and the shipper doesn’t have any tracking information. For the price of the shoes plus the expedited shipping, I could have just gone to my local outlet for the same price.

.com shoe store: Well, it looks like they tacked an extra day on…

me: Which makes six business days from when the order ships, even though this shipper delivers on Saturday. And it’s coming from Kentucky, which isn’t that far away.

.com shoe store: The delivery date is an estimate.

me: Why would you say 3-5 business days if that’s not correct?

.com shoe store: If they don’t show up, we’ll overnight you a replacement.

me: That’s not going to work for me, thus, the original problem. Would you like to pass on to your customer service department that I am VERY disappointed in your shipping standards and will not be purchasing from you again?

.com shoe store, surprised: OH! Okay. Is there anything else I can help you with?

me: No. Thanks. I just hope this purchase meets my needs. And that you shouldn’t say 3-5 days when that’s not the case.

.com shoe store: Well, thank you for shopping .com shoe store

me: What?


I-D-10t Alert

18 11 2009

Back on Titanic* we had an intranet page entitiled “I D 10t” (eye-dee-ten-tee) for when people did/said things that were incredibly stupid.

Yesterday, I realized that I deserved an I D 10T award.
Since booking our vacation in JULY (that’s four months ago), I knew the countries we will be visiting are 6 hours AHEAD and I’ve been thinking 6 hours BEHIND.
I.E. “The show starts at 8pm, local time, which is like, 2AM our time.”
No, no honey.
8pm local time is 2pm.
So, all this time, I’ve been thinking that we’re getting in at 1pm (equivalent) when its actually 1am.

Dad and I had a time rift yesterday as well, when he was hellbent on the idea that it was the 18th and Thanksgiving wasn’t next Thursday.


*My first “real” job… named such because we [collective group] saw the perveribal ship going down.

ShoeGate: Fall/Winter Edition

17 11 2009

Dear Universe,

What is it with you, me and shoes? First it was SummerShoeGate and now this.
No, seriously.
I need to know.

You send me a great idea (“You should look into a shoe that you can walk on all day, that’s not a sneaker and has a heel… You know, so you don’t look TOTALLY like a tourist when you go to Europe.”) and plenty of time in which to meet the objective.
HOWEVER, you’re the one who is slacking as I’ve held up my part of the deal. For the past 3+ months, I have been braving the megamall, the local mall, teh internets*, Marshalls/TJ Maxx…

Yesterday, you threw me a bone.
A pair of highly-rated shoes, within my range, in my size, in the agreed upon color.
So, I broke out the plastic and with free standard shipping (3-5 business days) and we were cooking with gas.
The shoes even shipped the SAME DAY!
Until you decided that 5 days was a loose estimate and it was more like a week-and-a-half.

So now, I have a week-and-a-half of wondering if I should just try to find something local or bank on the unknown.


* dsw.com, shoes.com, endless.com, 6pm.com, variousothershoesites.com, wayoutofmypricerangebutitsanimportantpurchase.com

Birthday! Birthday! Blogerveriary!

15 11 2009


Happy second birthday Please Stop Bouncing!!!

To think, I bore you because I was bored and now we have more/better friends then we ever would have imagined!

Here here!
To blogging!

Typical day at Casa Mak

And to all the, ahem, “adventures”, to come!

The Important Thing is That I’m not Broken. I think.

11 11 2009
Section 106, Row 1, Seat 4

What’s that?
You didn’t have me pegged as a Metallica fan? I get that a lot.

Anyway, Steve’s cousin won a grand (but not The) prize from the local “rock” station and karma made sweet love to Steve and I.
The important part is, we were FRONT ROW FOR METALLICA.
You’re either jealous or “What’s a Metallica? Is that off-Broadway?”

"You get put in the box for two minutes to think."

"You get put in the box for two minutes to think."

Yup, that would be the lock on the box at the hockey arena… we were where players hang out.

Blue Line

Blue Line

Damn near center ice.
After running around Casa Mak, trying to get dog poo out of the carpet before the limo came to get us left me forgetting to pick up the PnS. So Cameraphone had to suffice.



We lost a fair amount of arm hair, being so close to pyrotechnics and all.

Everyone get together for a group shot.

awesome awesome awesome

It’d been 15 years since I last saw Metallica and I totally forgot how great of a show they put on.

So, after the last song, Kirk (the long haired guitar guy) is throwing handfuls of picks into the crowd. And well folks, that smelled like competition.
One comes hurtling towards me and lands at my feet.
I turn, crouch and someone else sees the same pic and pretty much bum rushes me into the armrest.
However, I was the victor and our gracious host now plays home to the pick.
Today the injury is slightly worse than it was when I was drunk excited and there’s a fantastic bruise line that runs from the middle of my elbow to the middle of my tricep.
Thank heaven for ice packs.
And Metallica.