25 09 2009



Picturesque Delaware Park (this is actually a bridge from the 1901 Pan-American Exposition)

First Duty as Husband, Pack Mule

First Duty as Husband, Pack Mule

Further Proof that Romance is not Dead. Maybe it is.

26 09 2008

I come home from a day at work with blistered toes, just missed commuter trains and jerks trying to weasel into traffic.
Opening the front door, there is a MONSTROUS Edible Arrangement on the kitchen table.  Said arrangement also had a teddy bear (I heart bears, plus, it’s a tradition thing) and a balloon.
“Holy Crap.”
“Happy Anniversary!” he says, pulling me in for a kiss.
“That is a shit-load of fruit!”
“I know, right?!”
“Okay, I am seriously slacking, so I need you not to look when I come back downstairs.”
“???  Um, okay.  Have a Sam [Adams Oktoberfest].”
A few minutes pass and I come up with a green gift bag.
“For meeeeee?!”, he asks, already digging in.  “Oh, there’s some apples…”
“Fresh from the farmer’s market!”
(rip rip rip)”Oh, Gilmour 5-disc live box set.  AWESOME.”
“Yeah, open the other one.”
“Oh, Blackbeary [sic] Wheat beer.”
“Yeah, that counts as fruit right?”
(clearly like, disappointed)”Um, yeah.  Hold on.” (procures a bag from between the chairs)
“For mmmeeeeeee? A steamer?!”
“Cool, I can like, totally make (reading box) ‘rice, vegetables, fish, some meats and poultry.’  Neat! (Honestly, the man knows me, what can I say!)  Oh you know what, that beers been sitting out for a bit, why don’t you run it into the beer fridge?”
“I’m sure it’s fine, I’ll put it up here.”
“No, for serious, I have to fit this fruit thing in the upstairs fridge, go put it downstairs please.”
(He goes into the basement)”Uh, Steph…”
“There’s something in front of the fridge.”
“Well, pick up the cat and move her.”
“No, um, it’s a wrapped box.”
“Maybe it’s a present for the beer.” I say.
“Maybe I should open it.” He says, starting to sound excited.
“Maybe you should.”  I go downstairs.
Rip rip rip.  “Oh.  Wow.  This.  This looks like fun.”  And he looks for something to open the box with because he doesn’t believe there’s a 19″ flat-screen LCD TV in the box.  “Oh.  Oh, Wow.  This.  Cool.  I can play with this!” And he starts putting it up against the wall to see where he wants to mount it.  It is clear that he is impressed.
I rock.
We go back upstairs and he tells me to look in the bag with the steamer.  There is ANOTHER box.  Inside is a Swavornski(sp?) flower pot with purple metallic flowers.  “You’re a dork, but I love you!”

Then we went to dinner (two grape martinis for me!) and dined on stuffed banana peppers and steak and CREME BRULE (sp?)!
We’re very very full. 
Waddling towards the door, I state, “We should totally take off our pants when we get home.”  (and not in a ‘YEAH SEX!’ way, but in a ‘Pants.  Restrictive.’ way)
“Have I told you lately that I love you?!”

And we were sleeping by 9pm.

I love growing old with him.

The Past is the Present

19 12 2007

It has been an odd couple of weeks.  It seems as though things/ideas from the past are making more appearances.  Perhaps I just never paid attention to them or there really is a flourish of “I used to…”
I certainly hope this isn’t one of those Christmas Carol things were I get shown the past, present and future.  If my dream last night is an indication, then I’m going someplace warm and leave Bailey in the car (she was okay, don’t worry).

Last week I had a conversation with my friend about concerts.  I had done a pollstar search to see who’s coming to town.  There are a few shows coming up that I was excited to see (Sick of it All, VAST…) but they came with a set of concerns.  1) I don’t want to go alone and no one I know is into the bands I would go see.  2) I don’t have anything to wear to the type of show I would go see.  Petty, I know.  3) An 8 o’clock start with a couple opening bands puts me back home really late on a work night.
So this conversation evolved into the people that we used to be.  We could/would stay out until all hours, we’d go see shows all the time, we dyed our hair very unnatural colors…. you get the gist.
“But aren’t you happier, at least a little, with who you are now?”
Yes, though we wonder what kind of sacrifices we made to be the people we are now.  I know that Stephanie from 10 years ago would probably definitely sneer at Stephanie Now. 

Last night, I was at a party and I FINALLY got to talk to one of the other girls from ballet class.  We talked about how we grew up in the city (that would be Buffalo, not New York).  And now we look at our lives now and wonder what happened.  She didn’t think she would get married, she didn’t think she would have a kid and she didn’t think she’d be living where we are.  I totally relate.   For a long time, I didn’t think I was marriage material (be it the moodswings…), I was hellbent on not having kids (ever) and I’ll be damned if I live in the suburbs and drive an SUV.
She told me that she still runs into her first passionate love and while she still wonders what life would have been like, she knows that things are SO much better now.  “And seeing him [the first love] made me fall all the more in love with my husband.”
There’s only a two people I can think of off the top of my head that if I were to run into I’d probably be floored, but I would go home and hold Steve tighter then usual.
Sure, like everyone else, I wonder what it would be like if things had gone otherwise, but I think about the reasons that things didn’t work out and I realize that this is the way it was meant to be.

The other reminiscent thing is that I’m pulling out some of my old CDs and putting them on my iPod.
Some songs alone conjure up so many memories- specific memories- about times, places and people.
Funny, isn’t it, how a chord can take you back fifteen years?
I’ve decided, that like everyone else, I am going to start posting Musical Memories… Songs and Albums that make me think another time, another place.

So, whoever’s reading this, have you noticed an influx in the past making appearances in the present?

It was 20 (okay, 6) Years Ago Today…

30 11 2007

On a chilly night, the last day of November 2001, I met the man who would change my life.
Weeks earlier, our parents would sing praises of the other’s son/daughter, excaliming that we HAD to meet.  An awkward exchange of contact information occured and we decided that I would pick him up from a house party.
As usual, I got lost.  He gave me directions on my cell phone and he commented “I’m see you and I’m walking towards your car.”  When he stopped and knocked on the passenger window, I lost my breath.
“Is THIS my blind date?” I asked myself.
He got in the car and introduced himself. 
I secretly wished I would have dressed better.
A few beers and many hours later (more talking then drinking), we sat in his truck, not really knowing how to say goodnight.  “Tonight Tonight” by Smashing Pumpkins was playing and we  happened to kiss at the apex of the song.
When the kiss ended, I decided that I did not want (or need) to kiss anyone else’s lips from now on.
Six years later, I still lose my breath when he kisses me.