Another Camping Tidbit

24 09 2009

Camping Tidbit, from the “I totally didn’t make this up” file:
While riding my bike to the non-outhouse restroom I passed a cabin with a woman walking a cat.
It was a black cat with a red harness and red lead. It was feverishly trying to get under the cabin.
No sooner do I refocus on the road (after a double take) then I damn near ran over a guy dressed as a pirate.
He came out from the woods in a satin-like ruffled shirt, red handkerchief around his head and artfully mangled cargo pants.
In his defense though, it was Saturday, which was “Talk Like A Pirate Day“.



9 responses

24 09 2009
S. Le

You should really be very careful when picking wild mushrooms.

24 09 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

okay, I almost had coffee come out of my nose.

24 09 2009

pirates need vacation, too!

24 09 2009
that girl

@S. Le I was about to say the same thing! LOL.

24 09 2009

Exactly what was in that coffee? If he looked anything like Johnny Depp, I hope you fell off your bike and needed to be rescued.

24 09 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

oh. trust me. this guy was no hotness. In fact, what’s the opposite of hot? Gross? Hairy? Looking like he had a van of candy and puppies? Yeah, that last one.

24 09 2009

I was just going to comment that it WAS talk like a pirate day! I guess you had that one covered already. At least you had a fun time and have stories to tell!

24 09 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

and if I had a quarter for everyone who was like “no way!” I’d have, 35 cents.

25 09 2009

Walking a Black Cat???
Was she completely nuts???
Doesn’t she know she should have a Parrot on “Talk like a pirate day” not a cat. The silly cow!!!

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