Feeling More Welcome in Five Months Than I did in Two Years

29 01 2009

(those of you new to the fray may not know that I have been with my current employer since mid-September after spending two+ years with a previous employer.)

My boss comes up to me, causally puts his elbows on my perch* and says, “So, are you joining us for lunch today?”
“We have an extra ticket [for the Mayor’s State of the City Address].  Would you like to come?”
I look to the left, to the right, you know, in case there’s someone behind me that he’s talking to.  “Me?”
“Uh, yeah…” he says, smiling, sensing my confusion.
“Yeah, um, okay, I mean Yes!  Thank you!”

Holy crap, I mean, gosh, I’m sure it’s “nothing exciting” but someday I will find the words to express how much it means to be included.

*the top area of my desk where people leave coffee, pens, junk faxes, etc.



6 responses

29 01 2009

Well…no matter the circumstances, it is a neat thing to attend…just don’t get kicked out yelling about potholes and parking lots!!!!!

SB: when he got to the part about knocking down homes that could not be rehabilitated I held my breath and chomped down on the strawberry that came with dessert…

29 01 2009

I loved this. I wish I could feel like that. I tell you what, this job is so good for you. It’s as if you have been in a cocoon and someone is peeling bits off at a time. You go girl!

SB: *blush* awww, thanks. I feel like a person again.

29 01 2009

now don’t go getting a big head or anything. your boss should make you unjam the copier or send a bunch of faxes so you’ll come back to earth.

ahahah! kidding…happy you’re being treated humanely. i’ve heard it’s nice…but i wouldn’t know since i work for an agent of satan.

SB: It’s crazy how 180 it was from working with Nemmie. I feel like something’s been lost to my readers since I’m mostly sunshine and rainbows.

29 01 2009

Feeling included is so important. I’m so happy for you and your new job.

SB: ‘scrazy how much of a difference it makes.

30 01 2009

Gee, before you know it “Bouncy” will be too popular to blog with us…oops did I say that out loud???? 🙂

Sounds like you are feeling better and it is great to finally work somewhere that YOU are appreciated and WELCOME!!! Yay for you!

Sb: *gasp* *whimper* *sniffle*

30 01 2009

awww, i loved this. i’m very lucky to have been in one place for awhile (except for a year’s stint in hell involuntarily). that feeling of inclusion is special. when someone new comes to the office, i can see their shock when they get included. why should it be so hard? we’ve gotta be there, why not be work family? ‘grats!

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