28 01 2009

635am: Wake up, get in shower
715am: Exit shower, realizing that you fell asleep in the shower. Ask husband how much shit he’s going to give you for staying home.
718am: Call into work while on your way to grocery to pick up medicine*
737am: Realize that you’ve been sitting on the floor in front of the Benedryl for 10 minutes.
759am: Take two Benedryl and some ginger ale. Retreat to bed.
130pm: Parched, go downstairs for ginger ale. Eat some ravioli. Discuss state of illness with husband. He had issues assembling condensed soup.
215pm: Pass out.
520pm: Wake up, make tacos.
615pm: Pass out.
800pm: Nightmares start.
930pm: Husband wakes you up to go to bed.
932pm: Pass out.
630am Wednesday: Wake up thankful that your body has it’s cool to go to work.

*Q:”Why don’t you just go to the doctor and get antibiotics?”
A: Because they never work and the side effects are almost as unpleasant as the infliction.



3 responses

28 01 2009

Still sick, obviously…sending you positive energy and well wishes…and cyber chicken noodle soup (I make a kickass chicken noodle soup)

Have you tried a neti pot…they are not as gross as they sound and they do offer some relief.

I also heard something that sounds ridiculous but obviously works according to my friend…rub Vicks Vaporub on the soles of your feet at night and put on socks.
Also my friend says try Buckleys Cough Medicine/Syrup…she says it tastes awful but works really well for sinusy/cough type yuck!

SB: I did try a neti pot and it was pretty gross. I’m one of those people who have to wait it out. beh.

29 01 2009

oh, man…i would turn your illness into a five-day weekend. hahaha. i hope you’re feeling better!!!

ps. why are YOU cooking when you’re sick? tell the huzz to dial out for peet-zah.

SB: Well, we were both pretty darn sick and “Well, I’m conscious, might as well make the most of it.”

29 01 2009

You’d end of getting sicker at the doctor’s office too!

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