Because this is what we need.

27 07 2008

Without getting into too many embarrassing details, Steve’s been pretty uncomfortable since the middle of the night on Friday.
I even made the first-ever-middle-of-the-night-grocery-store-run.  (It was 3:15am and I passed two cars, one on the way there, one on the way back)
Few things bother me more then not being able to help the people I love.
Last night, he finally started eating again, which made me as pleased as punch.
He hops on webmd (the hypochondriac’s bestest friend), which he’s done a handful of times, to try and find out what the problem could be.
He even went so far as to take a consensus at work.  Me, personally, I do not discuss such things in the office.
Anyway, he informs me, via telephone, that he is going to the doctor first thing in the morning as it could be something as terrible as appendicitis.
(and GnuKid, this is for you.)
him: I’ll be home in a few hours, I’ll try not to wake you up.
me: You should totally wake me up.  If you’re going to die, we should at least have sex one last time.
him: What if that ruptures it?
me: Well, you already asked around about other personal things, tell everyone that your wife really wants to get some but she doesn’t want to kill you, and see what they say.
him: alright.



3 responses

28 07 2008

Oh crap…I hope everything is okay!

28 07 2008

take this man to the doctor, pronto!

28 07 2008

…well, it obviously didn’t rupture… but did anything else break? i mean, i’m assuming you… ummm…. yeah….

😦 no wake up for me.

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