Aspartame Withdraw: Night One Results

25 07 2008

Steve and I are kidnapped (along with most of the county) and forced into these like, camps, to see who is strong-willed and strong-bodied enough to support the new country.
There were probably about 30 of us in our group and one by one, people stopped coming back.
The captors would test us to see who was true to the country and then show the results to everyone else.  For example, this one woman heard noises like a nightclub and she wanders into the club where she is trapped by a bear trap and dragged across the ceiling to whereever people like her end up.
Then there are about five of us left and we have to sleep under this tarp with no side walls and no heat.
Good behavior was rewarded, but we never knew what the perimeters for good behavior were or when one would get rewarded.
On the site, there was a general store and I convinced Steve to “buy” me a piece of fruit.  I say “buy” because you’d basically earn credits for items in the store and I didn’t have enough for fruit, but he did.  And “buying” items for people who shouldn’t get them was off-limits.
Steve walks up to the counter with what he wanted and my fruit, gives the clerk his name and ID number.  She looks to the other clerk and says  our last name again.  The second clerk says that Steve is scheduled for release and they cross-check a paper and they scamper off to see if he is getting released.
I walk up to the counter to see if my name is on the sheet and it’s not, but neither is Steve’s.  So I start wondering if the clerks knew he was buying for someone else and they were going to punish him/us.

And then the alarm goes off… rather it must have been going off for a while because by the time I heard it, it was ear-blisteringly loud.



2 responses

25 07 2008

hmm..better than my dream of being in israel(?!) and flying home with a wigged terrorist sitting next to me. i ripped off his wig and started stabbing!! him. no one came to help even though i was calling for help. charming.

maybe you have to let the diet soda poison get out of your system for a few days. also, avoid eating in hours leading up to bed–like no snacky stuff 2 hours before bed. that might help.

I DID have a Hot Pocket before bed, but that’s only because I needed something to sop up the Labatt. Not that that would possibly have ANYTHING to do with the dreaming. Nut-uh, no way.

25 07 2008

ooo, camp!! did you get to canoe? ride the ponies? make crappy leather wallets? … not ‘that’ kind of camp, is it?….

look at it this way… now, if you’re looking for an adventure of the mind — Labatt, Hot Pocket, and a healthy dose of aspartame!

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