Trying to Invoke the Spirit of Christmas: Santa

21 12 2008

Well, we’re three days away from “the most wonderful time of the year”, buried under feet of snow and I’ve felt cheery for about ten minutes (and that was when we dressed ‘lissa’s boyfriend as Santa).
So, in a last-ditch-effort to get into the swing of things, let’s step into the time machine.

(waving waves signifying time travel)

I was at the age where my belief in Santa was wavering.  Not to have any older siblings to tarnish my mind, I heard from the other kids in school that Santa MAY NOT BE REAL.  Heaven forbid if I wasn’t cool!  (ends up, much to my dismay that being cool has NOTHING to do with thinking that your parents don’t leave money under your pillow and the like)
We had been to Niagara Falls Festival of Lights and I had obliged my parents by sitting on Santa’s lap, insisting I was good and asking for a mix between the outlandish and the obscure.
Having been “good”, Santa presented me with some “reindeer attractant”* which was to be sprinkled on our porch Christmas Eve.  The reindeer attractant was to be an advance notice system (of sorts) letting Santa & Crew know that I was on the good list and to make an effort to stop at our house.
Christmas Eve came and after dinner,we were ready for our yearly outing to check out the neighborhood lighting effort.
Before we could leave, I was told to sprinkle the attractant on the porch,  so you know, Santa would totally know how good I was.  (in retrospect, I wonder if this was the year I took some of that pre-sugared kool-aid and some water, made it into a paste, which I then microwaved for 15 minutes…)
Glitter on the porch, we took off.
When we came back, there were footprints on the porch and my natural paranoia kicked in and I was pretty sure there was a robber in the house.
Instead of a robber, it was the opposite.
Santa had made an early stop at our house and left  me a 3″ black and white TV/radio (which was CRAZY for the time).
Well, that blew my mind and I believed in Santa for a few more years, but told everyone I didn’t.

*”reindeer attractant” was not reindeer urine or the ashes of old reindeer.  It was glitter.  But it came in a little paper packet.



5 responses

21 12 2008

that is so cute!!! i’ve never heard of reindeer ‘attractant’…guess it’s an upstate thing. as for the tv, that is really cool-e-oh. i think i’d like one of those now.

SB Sez: that was the first and only year I got attractant… The TV was awesome and I watched HeadBanger’s Ball on it.

21 12 2008

That is some professional parenting. Even in the face of adversity, they just stepped it up a notch! Incredible.

SB Sez: Oh, major props to them. I figure you never know who has kids that are on the edge and need the nudge (away from the ledge)

22 12 2008
Melissa the most awesome person you know oh yeah that's right

Agreed on the “Bart Claus” was the only time I’ve had any sort of holiday cheer thus far. Although Sue’s Martinis in a Margarita glass may have had something to do with that.

SB Sez: Oh my yes. I figured the fact that I was pretty drunk had a lot to do with my being on my knees in front of your boyfriend.

22 12 2008

My parents always used a reindeer “attractant” also left evidence that the “Easter Bunny” had arrived.

Are you telling me there is no Santa????

I will be seeing him tomorrow at a friend’s Christmas Karaoke party…now that will put the biggest Scrooge in a good mood!

SB Sez: I’m not saying there is or isn’t a santa Virgina Connie, but sometimes, your physe needs a bit of a catalyst.

22 12 2008
Melissa the most awesome person you know oh yeah that's right

What’s mine is yours, sister. Besides, B and Steve are pretty much interchangeable.

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