19 12 2008


My building is JUST out of view in this photo (I’m up, to the right and in the office)



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19 12 2008

Promise me you will keep it over your side of the fence…ok? OK? :o) Scarey white stuff! How are they driving in it! Amazing! Such bravery!

SB Sez: I can’t control me and you want me to control mother nature?!

19 12 2008

Wow, so that’s what a snowstorm looks like! It is flippin 80 degrees down South! I am in walking shorts!

SB Sez: Gloat gloat gloat. Well, see, Buffalo is ALWAYS gray, but I felt like you could totally see the chaos and swirling and whatnot. We were getting two inches an hour. (insert dirty joke here)

19 12 2008

That damn global warming is kiling all of us. Actually if it wasn’t for the global warming, we’d really be cold and covered in snow.

SB Sez: global warming my kiester.

19 12 2008

C’mon it’s just another beautiful winter day in Buffalo! Getting hit in the face with ice is a special treatment for your skin that they don’t offer in any salon. Mother nature only!

SB Sez: ARGH! My roseca! Stephanie+wind+hard snow=break-outs. Hmmm, maybe if I handed the snow a twenty…

20 12 2008
Mr. Bill

Hey…. this photo is from June!

SB Sez: hey, my foot can still kick your ass.

21 12 2008

oh my gawd… it looks *just* like you! [waving]

SB Sez: You know what they say… that all of us white people look alike.

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