Coulda Been Worse

28 07 2008


Guess who just got back from the hospital.

Ends up the misters appendix was perferated (uh, not good) so out it came.
How’d it go and What’d they do?
I have to file a complaint with the hospital tomorrow because no one came to talk to me when Steve got out and before he got onto the floor.Β  (I chatted up the nurses to find out what was up)

Steve was in good spirits and super coherent, so yeah for that.Β  I think what scared me the most was how ashy/pale/green he was compared in the ER as comparedΒ to how pink he was in the room.
Also worth mentioning is that I did not cry like a madwoman when they wheeled him away, though my “Can I kiss him quick” came out a bit, uh, crokey, and I did have to blink a lot on the way to the elevator.
Once the doc looks him over tomorrow, we’ll know more about how long he’ll be down for.
le sigh.

Oh, and whoever put money in the malady pool and picked “appendicitis” gets the pot.

I’m just glad they didn’t remove his sense of humor-ix

And now, for some Hospital Humor-
As we’re sitting in the operating staging room, I start rubbing the back of my neck and I casually say, “I think I’m getting a headache.”
And he just looks at me and says, laden with sarcasm, “Awwwww, you have a headache?”



5 responses

28 07 2008

I’m sure he would be pleased to know that not only did you retell your coitus story but that you posted that picture of him.

Regardless, here’s to a swift recovery!

1) Sadly, no coitus. And with what happened, I don’t even want to think about it. At least we’ll have a viable excuse when people ask why I’m not knocked up yet.
2) He insisted that I send that picture to everyone in his address book.

28 07 2008

what a way to start the week. i’m sure you’ll take good care of him when he comes home–feed him ice chips, etc.

now, here’s my RX for you–take a swig from the bottle and try to get some sleep. πŸ˜€

You’re the second person to tell me to get a drink. I have been dry county since Sunday, though that margarita didn’t taste very spiked.

29 07 2008

I know this is very serious and I should not laugh but that picture…it is so classic Steve! All he needs is a beer in his other hand and it would just be like he’s in your basement in a hospital gown (tres sexy). And hey, at least he gets some decent drugs, right? I’d tell you to give him a big kiss for me but that would be awkward.
You know where to find me if you need me!

“Melissa says your gown is ‘tres sexy’.”

29 07 2008

nope, i lost… i had my money on “obstructed bowel”… glad he came through with flying colors… and likely an easy ounce lighter (unless it was a really FAT appendix).

Bonus: “trimmed” happy trail.

1 08 2008

I love the off-the-shoulder look he’s sporting πŸ™‚

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