Photo Update! Remember the Cake (?) (!)

24 03 2009
Last week, in The Shower Saga I mentioned about my lament towards the cake.
If you don’t feel like reading (or re-reading), I was told  that there was going to be “really cute cakes!” and I said:
See, when I hear “really cute cake”, I tend to think of a cake with some layering or fondant on it; the opposite of what you’d see on

And now, dear reader, you can make your own decision:




Babies are for eating

So, am I crazy, or are the cakes the literal icing on an annoying event?



12 responses

24 03 2009

Maybe I’m a snob. And I fully realize this… but, really? If this is the best you can do – pay for someone to decorate the damn cake! The pram one is ugly (what is with the orange baby!) but the baby face is way worse, in my opinion! Hideous. If those were my cakes, I’d cry.

24 03 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

girlfriend, we is snobs. And I kinda did want to cry, for “Charlotte”‘s sake.
Yeah, like I said, maybe I’ve (we’ve) got different standards for “really cute”.

24 03 2009

Did she decorate them herself or heaven forbid…pay for them???
Cake decorating is a bitch…I took a class and decorated a few…I will pay many $$$$ to hire the professionals!

24 03 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

It was my understanding that these cakes were either purchased from or donated by a friend of “Diane”

24 03 2009

P.S. I just noticed the “orange” baby face in the pram I thought it was a bad rendition of a lady bug.

24 03 2009
nat @ book, line, and sinker

the cake plate holding ‘baby-face’ is pretty…(how’s that for evading?).

24 03 2009

ummmmm eeck!! pretty flowers or balloons would have been better–

I’m with Connie-I thought it was a bad ladybug also

25 03 2009

that baby looks tasty.
and it’s a quiet baby.
so thats something.

26 03 2009

I think they were going for “ironic” with the first cake: it looks remarkably like a pie-chart.

26 03 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

You give “Diane” a lot of credit.

29 03 2009

EWW! Those are awful! Ordering a cake is not that expensive……and it’s well worth it if you are going to bring the ugliest cakes ever!

29 03 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

Thank goodness! I was thinking I was maybe being too much of a hardy-hard.

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