At Least I’m Not a Dollar Short

24 11 2008

Taking a look at what remained of LAST weekends To-Do List, with things I did this week scratched:

– Finish getting the yard stuff into storage
– Winterize the windows
– Switch closet contents
– Finish the ump-teenth pile of laundry
-Plant CatOats (like catnip but without the stoning)
– Relearn how to crochet
– Clean out the car before the snow comes
– Make some food from scratch
– Lose three pounds
– Sleep
– Read a book with The B on my lap
– Find some awesome estate sales

Hmm, seems like someone got her poo together…

*I gave myself credit for clearing the lawn items because I had to break up a couple inches of ice to get the filter out of the pond.  I also brought in whatever wasn’t frozen to the ground.
* While I did find some Estate sales, The Mister was “it’s too cold for estate sales!” so well, not like I need more things.
* My laundry is done, but in the basement as someone’s open wound doesn’t take too kindly to a lot of bending.  Though that’s getting 100% better by the day.
* Sealed the living room, kitchen and two bedrooms windows (that’s 6 panes if you’re keeping track).  Even Mister Critical thought I did a good job, which is great because I did do a good job.  You’d think that for having a house that is as young as ours, you wouldn’t have drafty windows…. then again, you’d probably have windows on the sides of the house too, but that didn’t happen.
* I FINALLY dipped back into the ‘lissa lended library.  This rounds reading is “You Suck” by Christopher Something (not his real last name) about sassy vampires.  Joy.
* Last nights dinner was from a cookbook but it was a bit salty and even though I left the onions out (onions=Steve turning to dust) I think there were onions in the stew mix.  I liked the idea of it, so I think I can fiddle with it and make it post-worthy.  At this point, I think it resembles a salt-lick with some macaroni noodles, but that’s just me.

So, what’d you do this weekend?



4 responses

24 11 2008

WAY TO GO!! I had to lauuuugh about your window sealing exploits (and lack of side windows). Our house is so drafty, our front (family) room – we have to actually keep the door shut. you open it and walk in – it’s like standing on the front porch – NO JOKE. It really is THAT COLD. The bay replacement windows are not only crap, but they are CRAP and were never installed correctly. So there are (AGAIN NO JOKE) inch gaps all around them through which the winter enters our home. FINALLY after 7+ years of living here, we are TONIGHT!! ordering replacements for the replacements. HOORAY!!

PS: Sorry to hear about your salt-lick stew. Maybe trying thinning it with some low sodium broth..? Have a great day babe!

SB Sez: Hooray indeed for replacement windows! Nothing like indoor snow to make you wonder just WTF the other owners were thinking… here’s to a warmer winter! (P.S. I used no-sodium broth. Excessive Uncraved Salt=Headache. I try to steer away from the sodium-laden things.)

24 11 2008

On windows being missing from sides of houses:

Most of the new neighborhoods that are built come from designs that home builders use throughout the country. In many of these locations, the homes are build so closely to each other that windows on the sides of houses would have people looking at each other from one bedroom to the next, or eating dinner 50′ from another family eating dinner. So, even if your house isn’t “on top” of someone else, the basic design comes from a group of drawing that have to account for that possibility.

Good job on the list. Mmmmm. Salt-lick…that should make anyone lose weight.

SB Sez: Our ‘hood is very eclectic. The house on the one side is early-1970’s, we’re mid-1980’s and I’m thinking some of the homes on the main corners are 1950’s era. Our place was custom built and rumor has it that the old owners new home does not have side windows either. The house I grew up in had the family-on-top-of-family windows you discussed, thus the moving of the dining room to the front of the house.

24 11 2008

i read you suck! the few books in that series are funny…but bizzzzzaro-o.


24 11 2008

oh, i think BLOOD SUCKING FIENDS comes first…though.

and i went to see a movie sat. morning, had lunch with huzz, went to the new outlet malls near my house, went to dinner, and visited my parental units on sunday.

SB Sez: I read “blood sucking fiends” last season and I enjoyed “You Suck” 100% more. Mmmmmm outlet shopping… that’s next weekends to-do 🙂

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