Lest I Call the Fashion Police. Again.

25 11 2008

Pronoun comes up to my desk and asks if I could take her photo for the intranet.  She also mentions that she’s ready for her photo today as she “tried” (her word, not mine) to look decent today.

You be the judge:
Crushed black velvet blazer, too short in arms/torso, barely buttons
Red shiny cami
Tan pants with brown pinstripes, so long they’re under the arch of her foot
White athletic socks
Black shoes with purple/red yarn flowers embroidered onto them.  Shoes of which she asked if they looked like slippers or shoes (answer: they’re ballet flats).

After she asked my co-workers opinion (I do believe Pronoun was fishing for shoe compliments), I dashed into co-workers office and said, “Perhaps the better answer would have been, ‘Regardless, they’re inappropriate for the office.'”

Between a friends stinky co-worker and the fashion disaster, how do you Dear Reader help the helpless?



4 responses

25 11 2008

Call in the marines?

SB Sez: There IS a recruitment centere on the first floor…

25 11 2008

See…this is where a guy helps. All of the colors and buttons just confuse me.

Maybe a guy dresses her…would that explain it better?

SB Sez: I’m pretty sure there’s a reason most guys dress in primary (black, brown, grey, blue, white)…

25 11 2008

i’m dialing the SWAT team for you.

SB Sez: That explains all the trucks outside of the office…

27 11 2008

Tackle her and set flame to those athletic socks at the very least. That may be a bit harsh.

SB Sez: the only thing more frightening than the socks is what smell they would possibly emit upon combustion.

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