News Bulletin

18 11 2008

holy shit it’s snowing everyone forget how to drive.



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18 11 2008

well, i guess i see your position on profanity. mwa! you and i are internet twins. (i posted about cursing this morning.)

18 11 2008

Shouldn’t it be forgot? πŸ˜›

SB Sez: No, Smarty Pants. It’s as in “currently everyone forgets to drive”, thus, the “forget” as opposed to the past tense, forgot. neeneer neeneer.

19 11 2008

. . . uh . . . actually, I kinda sorta failed my driving test seven times and I have to take public transit buses everywhere I go, so I kinda sorta don’t really have much to contribute here . . .

SB Sez: Surely you must notice other people driving like complete idiots…

19 11 2008

We dont get much snow in SC, however when it does the whole damn state shuts down! No work, no school, and no milk in any grocery store! People lose their driving capability when it rains here and is annoying as crap!

SB Sez: What is it about weather that turns on the stupid?

21 11 2008

HAHHAHHAHAHAHHAHHHH!! I’m laughing b/c it’s true.

SB Sez: In other shocking news, the Titanic sunk.

21 11 2008
Mr. Bill

Holy Shit, it’s a dust storm. Every forget how to drive.

SB Sez: Hey now, YOU’RE the ones with the “stupid law”.

21 11 2008

we had our first “snow” of the season today. this post seemed particularly fitting. i was sad to have missed it (sick in bed.)

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