Mayor of AuctionTown/Ow. Ow Ow owowow

17 11 2008

Given the number of items scrubbed from my to-do list, here is the ULTRA-EXCITING (yet, photo free) rundown.

* Now, I don’t know if it’s because I look like someone who would not collect antiquities or what, but, Friday night began my reign of AuctionTown.
Whilst scoping out the potential booty, I think EVERYONE working the event chatted with me for a few moments.  Basically chatter about what this is and how this goes, etc.
Even the owner of the auction house talked with me for a few minutes.  Neat.
I went in to get markings from items and determine how much I wanted to spend on what.  Also, I like to play a game where I do not bid on things, but try to price them out (a la “Cash in the Attic”) and see how I do.
* On my way to “grandma”s house (called grandma because she’s Steve grandma), I pit-stopped at the tattoo shop (aside: weeeeee! Two days!) and met my artist.  And then the shame set in.
Me: So, yeah, I mean, the idea was right, but the execution left a bit to be desired.
Her: Uh-hmmm.
Me: So, you know, I mean, I know it’s permanent and everything, but if you could like, make the petals less pointy and the top less tall…
Her: More petals?
me: um, well, I mean, whatever.
her: Was this a cover-up the first time?
me: no.
her: Oh.  Hmm.  I’ll see what I can do.
* Dinner on the water with MIL.  Yeah!  Stuffed peppers and fish!  Boo! Piss poor service.  Did I mention the peppers?
* Comfort The Beans who was deep in her sorrow over Dad leaving for the weekend.

* Meet my court at the auction.  Countless “YOU’RE HERE!!!”s.  Sweet.
* Win three items: Green velvet/rhinestone bakelite purse $12.50, Lot of silver plated things $2.50, 1901 Pan American Exposition Playing cards with box $50.00 (proxy purchase)
* In the “pricing game” I correctly assessed three out of the four lots we stayed for.  Win.
* Go to lunch with ‘lissa at Max’s which was pleasantly surprising.
* Enter the “wrong side of town” to go to Buffalo ReUse/ReSource.  “New” medicine cabinet with mirror $5, Five drawer pulls $8, “Beer Money” ceramic jar $1, Window for “project” $6
* Coffee.
* Stumble across Habitat for Humanity, ReStore.  Double chrome towel bar $6, Mrs.TeaPot $4(payback), 2 quarts of paint $3.00
* Fawn over 5,000,000 colors of paint at Lowe’s.
* Drop off ‘lissa with dowery of animal crackers.
* Remove “old” medicine cabinet, take off shower curtain, wipe walls, prime bathroom twice.
* Realize it’s 11pm.
* Sleep

* Paint walls, twice.
* Clean kitchen, including dishes.  Return beer which has been on the kitchen table for over a week to it’s proper location.
* Feel guilt (only some) that I didn’t “brave the crowds” for the French Connection.  Opted to lug around a BOWLING BALL for basketball people to sign.  (?what’s a basketball?)  This effort was met with a whiny, “Pppppppphil’s wife went for himmmmm” to which the rebuttal was, “If it was that important, you should have been more clear OR not gone to Montreal.”
* Locate oxyclean spray, which is by far, the BEST thing since, um.  Well, it’s good.
* Grocery shop.
* Saw into wall to fit “new” cabinet which was measured at ReStore as per Steve’s specs.
* Get bonked in noggen with metal cabinet.
* Install Cabinet.
* Double coat pre-existing wall unit.
* Realize it’s 10pm.
* Sleep.

* a weekend of squatting and stretching has left me achy.




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