19 04 2011

I assure all of you in my blogcircle that I AM reading your posts.
Figured that most of you didn’t want me to bother with a comment like, “Rock on!” or “YEAH!” or “And then I ate a candle!” (if you do, let me know and I’ll make sure to comment on your posts)
That being said, most of my reading time involves doing something with my boobs, thus making it hard to type and do whatever it is at the same time. I have, however, become rather ambidextrous with my mousing!

Figured that most of my readership doesn’t want/need play-by-plays of my daily life (seeing as it pretty much revolves around poop and naps and making food for poop) or cares that I am spring cleaning to the nth. Rather than clog up your feeds and readers, it’s best to wait until something cool happens.

Oh, and I lost my job.

Right, that is all.



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19 04 2011

lost your job? oh, dear… this can be a mixed blessing/curse/annoyance/clusterbomb…

be well, oh great jersey cow lady (and yes, i felt like a big ol’ moo cow for many, many months)…

19 04 2011

I used to comment as mccgood, now I am needsatimeout. I am sorry you lost your job. I hope you can find some silver linning.
I have really missed your posts, in between the cleaning and cleaning poops are you hooked on any new shows?
If you want to catch up with me and what’s been happening you can check out the most recent blog.
Ya it happened again

19 04 2011

You know your employer TOTALLY DID NOT DESERVE YOU. So there!

Thank you for sparing the poop talk, though that’s pretty much all we talk about round here – and we don’t have the diapers excuse. So… YEP.


19 04 2011
Tony McGurk

Sorry to hear about the job loss. While you’re on the computer could you do us a favour & pump out some more MS Paint drawings?

19 04 2011

I was going to comment with “Rock on!” or “YEAH!” Bt that hardly seems appropriate now, does it?

The entire economy is taking a beating. Use this time to your benefit…you’l appreciate it later.

20 04 2011

Rock On Darling! You know I can’t help that with my condition. I don’t know how I missed the job loss. on the upside, now you get to hang out with that super adorable cute kid even more 🙂

20 04 2011

random thought…who was it that got freaked out by emoticons? wasn’t you, was it 🙂 gee I hope not

21 04 2011

dude sorry about the job. Also boob posts = massive blog hits.

23 04 2011

Ugh – so sorry to hear about losing your job… I know how much that totally sucks. I hope you land something else quickly ~fingers crossed~

I know what you mean about wanting cool stuff to write about… not much cool stuff happening by me neither 😦

26 04 2011
Michele D.

Sorry to hear about you losing your job! 😦 Are you happy to be at home with Mr. C or looking for a new job? If so, I’ll keep my eye open. If not enjoy your time with Mr. C as they grow so, so fast! 🙂

29 04 2011

Sorry to hear you lost you job.

I would LOVE it if you posted “And then I ate a candle” as a response to one of my posts. It would be hilarious. Of course, something equally as rando would be appreciated just as much…

9 05 2011

Sorry to hear about your job..
Happy Mother’s Day..

5 01 2012
Yes Master

I just took a mean shit. You can clean it up if you would like.

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