What’s Worse Then Crumbs in the Bed?

20 05 2008

We’re laying in bed watching Family Guy.

me: Ouch!
him: Muh?
me: There’s some-ow-thing poking me in the toe!
him: What is it?
me: I don’t know.  It’s poking my toe.  At the end of the bed.

I crawl down and carefully pat down the sheets in case it’s a steak knife, porcupine, broken vodka bottle, dog whisker…

him: well, whatsit?
me: I dunno yet… um, it’s… sticky…
him: Sticky?
me: yeah, it’s like gum.
him, defensive: I don’t chew gum!
me: I didn’t say it WAS gum.  It’s… it’s (sniff sniff) a starburst.
him: Oh.  That may be mine.