Pre-Update Update

28 07 2008

Oh internets, I don’t know what to do.

Steve is at the doctor as we speak with a 101.3 fever, prepping for a blood draw and scheduled for x-rays.
Oh, and he has a low battery on his phone.

They haven’t said anything yet about what it is or what it could be and I do not think I could be happier that they upped my dose of Zoloft.
As I told Melissa, “Old Stephanie would be A Certified Basketcase.”
New Stephanie is just nervous about the time between when things started and today.
Not that I’m at allΒ  happy about what’s happening, but I’m glad I’m not in hysterics as I know I have been.

New Update, 10:30am:
The x-ray showed “some” “blockage” so they’re sending him for CAT scans.
And then they’ll decide what to do.
He’s at the radiologist now and they’re waiting for him to process the stuff they make him drink.
So yeah…