Another Chapter in: Incredibly True Conversations About My Uterus

2 08 2009

At a picnic yesterday, SMS and I start having a general, causal conversation, when THIS happens…

SMS: So,  you never did tell me which country you were going to conceive in.*
me: Right, because that’s gross and creepy.
SMS, in all seriousness: Well?
me, in all seriousness: Really? You’re thinking about your precious snowflake  of a son sticking it in me?**
SMS, enthusiastically: Yes!
me: Yeah, you know what, nothing really ruins a mood like thinking of you thinking of us doing it.***
SMS: Well, I think I’ve been patient enough, it’s been five years!
me: Right.

Conversations like that really make me wish I could bottle up my parents “You’ll have kids when YOU’RE ready” and sprinkle it on SMS. I’d also lend some of it to my friend Stacy, who is in the same boat.

And in conversations I’ve had with my co-worker, what if, heaven forbid, we were trying and I had a teflon ute?

* Yes, she really did say that.
** Yes, I really did say that.
*** Yes, I really did say that.