Chocolate Fix

22 01 2009

Some people (looking at you CWG) seem to think that I’ve gone completely joyless.
To prove you wrong, here are some happy things.

1) My changed lifestyle-contingency medication is “so far so good”.  Since Sunday, I have not had a headache so bad that I gave serious consideration to taking an ice pick to my temple; thus the reason for the change.

2) My friends and I went out to dinner at Melting Pot last night with $5 of each of our dinners going towards cancer research.  Plus, there were drinks.

3) Afterward, one of the girls and I went to Penny’s and I let her dress me up.  “I’m the Anthony Bourdain to your Stacy London!”, I exclaimed as we made our way toward the register.
My purchase?
Something I NEVER EVER EVER considered.

Not actully me, nor the actual vest

Not actually me, nor the actual vest (mine is grey with pin striping)

I purchased a vest.
“I feel like a project!”, I said.  “You ARE my project!”, she giggles.
And today, I have donned the vest.  Thought I don’t have a “real” photo as it’s hard to take photos of myself and I’m not going to any of my co-workers to ask them to take a photo because that sounds like a can of worms I don’t want to open.

4) With last weekend’s near-sub-zero temperatures, I thought I would give a science experiment a go.
In case you’re not familiar, when it gets to be booger-freezing cold out, bubbles are supposed to freeze.

Seeing as we do not have any “real” bubbles in the house, I decided to concoct some.
(For the record, “catnip bubbles” suck)
Also remembering that it’s been years since I’ve done any bubbling and that it was like, 2 degrees out, I opted to practice before heading out.
Bailey was amused.


Soap is tasty!




so close!




It is here somwhere...


look, I sparkle

(P.S. bubbles didn’t freeze but I did)

5) And this gem just came into my office.


Hot Fun in the Summertime

25 06 2008

(yes yes, I know that dogs aren’t supposed to have “people food” and yes yes, I know what not to feed my dog. She’s made it this far.)

(Oh, and below each picture is what Bailey would be saying, if she spoke human. Thankfully, I purchased Rosetta Stone in dog.)

“Pupcicle?! I’d love one!”


“Om nom nom nom nom”

“Great, and now I have brain freeze. Thanks a lot mom.” (and to all you PETAers, she’s blinking)

This one was harder to dechiper as there was a bunch of shouting coming from another yard. It’s either, “You have to sleep sometime woman.” or “I’m working on growing thumbs and then all the popcicles will be mine. Mine! MIIIINNEEE!”

You know you wanna see Beezis on Click on her to vote.

kali (thinks she) is a Dog

7 03 2008

Here is your dose of tooth decay (coincidence that XM is playing “Sugar Sugar” by The Archies, I think not).

Last weekend, I was playing on the internets, as you can see by my lower half in the pic.  And Steve’s bouncing around trying to get me to look at Kali.  Finally, I’m like, “what?” and he points to Bailey’s Bed (read: toy collector).

If you look amongst the toys, you may see a little gray and white kitty SLEEPING IN BAILEY’S BED.
This is not the first time she’s disrespected Bailey’s personal space.  There is a picture in the original K.Wo.B. post.  She often eats B’s food, drinks her water and playfully bats around dog toys.
If Kali could sing “Na na nana na” she certainly would.
Kali’s primping is a fine example of how cats and dogs can get along.
Granted, it took a few cat-slap-to-dog-faces to learn but we’re pretty sure that Kali is the dog and Bailey is the cat.
Some day we’ll get video of Bailey purring and weaving between legs.

Bailey is Special…

26 02 2008

To foster learning the adorable trick of hiding, the dog trick book suggested to put a sticky-note or something that will make your dog want to scratch it’s face.
So I find some stickies and press one on the side of Bailey’s lip.  She looks confused.  She stares with her telekinetic ways towards the pouch of my hoodie where the treats are.
The sticky falls from her face, not missing a beat, she catches it in mid-air, eats it and goes back to staring at the pouch.

I wonder about her sometimes.

Second Thoughts or Two Glasses of Wine Make a Difference

12 12 2007

Okay, granted, I was ready to put Bailey outside for all time this morning, but, as usual, things have changed.
(comma much?)
It would be cool if she could talk because I would know if I’m doing a good job raising her….  whenever I give her something, I always tell her what it is… so maybe she’d ask for it.  She kind of does… she knows how to tell me when she wants water, she knows “treat”, “walk” and “breakfast” and she knows to sit and wait for breakfast.
Even right now, we’re sharing Veggie Chips and when I give her one, I tell her what it is (“Tomato.  Tomato”) and reinforce and congratulate when she takes nice.
Geez dog, you really are practice aren’t you.
Here’s a shining example of her tolerance.  Granted, it’s blurry, but you can see the incredible pupsmile

Bailey Helps with the Tree