Thoughts About the VMAs, Before Bed…

7 09 2008

* Steve: Do you think that Taylor Swift is related to Stephanie Swift?
(Note: Stephanie Swift is an asian porn actress)

* WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?  What is a Paramore?  What’s a “cast of Twilight”?

* Realization- Jonas Brothers:NKOTB (back in the day, natch)

* Who hasn’t made fun of GWBjr?  Oh, that wrinkly old dude… he probably hasn’t.


* Why isn’t that “Million Dollar Man”, whoever he is, actually wearing pants?  What’s the point?  For serious.

* Where the VMAs always this freaking annoying?  Oh.  God.  It’s because I’m “old” right?  That Miley Cyrus, um, kid/tween/dressing-way-to-old-for-however-old-she-is, would totally put me in a home.  A third-rate home.

I’m going to watch Scary Movie 4.