And the World Makes a Complete Circle

30 12 2008

Last night, we’re enjoying a dinner together, laughing, having a dandy time, when he gets up to use the restroom.
While he’s gone, a song comes on the restaurant’s stereo.
A song that takes me back.
Back to a place I do not want to be.
A place I have not been in a long time.
A place I was pretty sure I had conquered.

In an instant, I am transformed.
I am angry.

This funk stayed with me for a few hours last night, dissipated by some lovin’.

Today, while in a meeting, we discussed what to do about the surplus of out-dated cell phones.



And that’s how I started a Cell Phone Recycling drive for “Call to Protect”.

(Please note: The abuse was YEARS ago and not by Steve and I do not blame anyone, so it’s not your bad.Β  You know who “you” are.)