Mystery in the ‘burb + Crazy Update

28 08 2008

Mystery in the ‘burbs
It’s only quarter after eight and this has been an odd morning.
(Typically, my ‘hood is wicked quiet.  The most noise you’ll hear is synchronized lawn-mowing.)
As I pulled out of my driveway, I noticed this, stuff, all over my neighbors lawn.
Being as occasionally nosy as I am, I put Ye Ol’ Trailblazer in reverse and check out the ‘sitch.
Plunged into the yard without a specific pattern is plastic cutlery.
Yes, I’m serious,
Plastic forks, knives and spoons are all over.
The “kid” next door is like sixteen or seventeen, so I figure his friends must have been bored last night.
Driving down the “main” street, I see that the flags that mark like, gaslines and chemically sprayed lawns, are in peoples mailboxes.
In fact, a couple mailboxes were covered in twine.

Crazy Update
I had my follow-up yesterday to see how the Zoloft is holding the crazy back.
If you’re not on any mood-altering drugs, I’ll help you out… see, some people, when they get depressed or anxious, tend to have those feelings amplified by certain drugs, so the doc has to keep evaluating them to make sure the crazy is at bay.
After a fun assessment (“how many days out of the past two weeks have you felt hopeless or helpless…”) I have the all-clear for three months.
Doc says that fall, when Season Affected Depression Disorder kicks in, compounded by Holiday Horror, will be the true test of how this dosage works.
So provided that I do not crack, I should be good to go!

Adventures in Medi-cye

24 07 2008

Last night was another follow up appointment to make sure that my anti-depressant/anti-anxious isn’t making me more depressed/anxious.
*** Note that the ACTUAL doctor has a WONDERFUL sense of humor.  The PA is the one I saw previously.***

We’re discussing my dosage and how it’s effecting me, life and everything.
DR: So, how’s it going with the Zoloft?
me: Okay.  My OB/GYN suggested bumping up the dose.  I didn’t want to do anything without checking with you though.
DR: I think that’s a good idea.  What do you think?
me: You know more about this stuff then I do, I’ll think whatever you tell me to think.  I have no aversion to bumping up the dosage.  If we do that, will it even me out even around my period?  I ask because for two weeks out of the month, I feel like I could rip the spine out a  man.
DR, putting the mobile cart between me and him while he backs up to the wall: And what side of the two weeks are we on now?
me: You’re okay.
DR: Whew!  Okay, well, the max dose on this is 200.  If 150 doesn’t change much, we can bump you to 200, if that doesn’t help like we need it to, we’ll look to changing meds.
me: k

We also discussed the nightmares, which ends up may be a result of my recent love for diet soda.  So I have to suck up the extra calories (or stick with water) to avoid waking up screaming.  Can do.

And, after much hampering by Steve and mom, I get my ankle checked out again.  (backstory: 13 years ago, I took a nasty spill down some wet stairs and hyper-extended my Achilles tendon.  It’s never recovered.)
While I could take a cortizone shot IN THE ANKLE (and of course Steve’s all ‘YEAH!!!!’), there is a good chance that the tendon would rupture.  Neither DR or I am ready to make this trade off, so I have to strech the tendon, take motrin when it flares up and make friends with the ice pack.

Oh, and super bonus, the scale in the office is four pounds in my favor.
The nurse was like, “You’re happy with x?”, becuase a) I don’t look like I weigh x b) x is not a favorable number for my height.
“Heck yes I’m happy.  I was four pounds heavier at the gym last night.”