Wordless Wednesday: When Babies Attack

30 03 2011



Wordless Wednesday: Unnecessary Roughness

23 03 2011

(trying not to make him look like something out of an antique medical book)
(And I was squishing his cheeks)

(extreme close-up!)

(the return of) WTFFriday

11 03 2011

Dear Lady on the Train who was Painting Her Nails,
Who paints their nails on the TRAIN?!
I STILL have a headache.

Dear Pedestrians,
Just because you have the right-of-way doesn’t mean you get to walk like an ass.
Use the crosswalk.
Cross when you’re allowed.
Don’t dawdle.
Also, I don’t want to hit you any more than you want to be hit, so The Death Stare isn’t necessary.

Dear C-Section Scar,
If you’d stop hurting after I work out,  I could work out more.

Dear Mr. C,
If you’d stop putting your arm up to your elbow into your mouth, you wouldn’t throw up.
Just Sayin’.

Dear Mr. C’s Teeth,
You’re hurting my baby.
Show yourselves already.

Dear Lady Who is Always in Front of Me Wherever I Go,
Get your change, move aside.
Do not stand directly in front of the register and repack your bills and change into your wallet, put your wallet into your purse, close your purse, put your purse over your shoulder and take your bag.

Dear Beer,
How I loved and missed you.

Follow-Up Friday: Clumsy Momma in MS Paint

25 02 2011

Beh. I knew I should have done more scenes… Falling over the cords was one incident, then this:

(Yes, the cart/trolley wheel is supposed to be wonky)


(now, not that my store is that disorganized, but I didn’t feel like drawing 97000 cans/bags of cat food)

(and it’s not that Buffy & Kali eat THAT much, but Bailey has taken to snacking from their bowls, making us go through food 200% quicker)

Better now?

Wordless Wednesday: Clumsy Momma in MS Paint

23 02 2011






9 02 2011

Think Local, Act Global:
For the LONGEST time, I was all poo-poo on chain restaurants (well, I’m still no Olive Garden fan… there was that one time when I was 7 months pregnant…) “Support the little local guys!”, I’d tout and wait an unreasonable 7 minutes for my chai latte at the tiny place rather than waiting 2 minutes at Starbucks; though this problem has been entirely eradicated since I fell in love with our Tassimo Brewbot. I digress.
I’m not quite sure what short-circuited in my brain recently, could be the addiction to amazon.com, but I realized something.
Who sorts my packages at the UPS hub? Who delivers my mail? Local People. Who runs the register at Wegmans when I buy Jamine Rice?  Who sorts shirts at the mall? Who opens the Smithwicks tap at the pub? Local People. Who serves my sushi? Immigrants, but (hopefully) legal, local ones.
I’ll be. So, even if I’m not totally supporting “the little guy” I’m still keeping some people in jobs.
Now, if I could find reasonably priced American made toys for a baby who like to stick EVERYTHING in his mouth, I’d be happy to have the Fed Ex guy deliver it.

YOT is now, er, YOT.
Ye’Olde Trailblazer’s lease was up, so I had to get a new vehicle. Well, not HAD to, I could have chosen to pay off the balance… regardless, I ended up getting a GMC Terrain.
Ye’Olde Terrain.
The name reminds me of the Canyonero.

Stop Bitching About the Weather:
It’s winter people. It will be cold. It will snow. People will be stupid and drive when they’re not supposed to and get stuck in snowbanks.
Unless you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, in which case you’re complaining about the heat.

High on the list of  “Stupid Ideas”:
Reading “The Shining” during an epic snowfall winter.

No Way to Wake Up:
MiniMak’s monitor has a temperature gauge on it to alert us if it’s too hot or too cold. His monitor also measures motion (respiration and movements) and alarms if he stops moving about.
That being said, being startled out of sleep by a monitor alarming is bad, even it was for a “‘s chilly in here!” alarm.
Doubly upsetting when your childhood friend’s son passed the night before.

Thoughtful Thursday

20 01 2011

Here are some things which have been rolling around in my brain:

* The best plan is a loose plan
*Motherhood has made me calm the f down (well, after all the near-dying-crazy-hormone-drama ceased)
* People who make baby clothes probably don’t have a baby
* I never realized how I take simple things for granted, such as realizing I have hands, rolling over, bladder control…
* God bless the inventors of washing machines, cell phones, laptops and e-mail subscriptions
* I live in a culture of excess
* YOT’s lease is up in two weeks and I haven’t even considered looking at new vehicles
* Vanity is a selfish reason to not to do something
* My instincts are more right than ever
* Meals are best enjoyed warm. Beer is best enjoyed cold. I am lacking both simple pleasures.
*You get what you pay for and if your therapist isn’t totally covered by your insurance, it may be worth paying for.
* Some bands/artists I do not like: ELO, Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, The Eagles, John Melloncamp (all incarnations), Celine Dion

To my Blogosphere Buddies…./ More of a Wordless Wednesday

5 01 2011

WordPress changed up their reader when I was trying not to stroke out in the hospital (in October, not recently).
For some reason, your blogs aren’t showing up in my reader which is clogged with lolcats.
That being said, I am making an ernest effort to catch up on everyone’s doings because I miss you all!

And now, onto your regularly scheduled programming:

(Kali's got a gun and Buffy's got a cleaver... they're fighting)

And this is supposed to be Mr. C


Thoughtful Thursday

2 12 2010

Happy Halloween!

31 10 2010


(we’re still around, just, wow, whoda known that this whole “parenthood” thing would be so tiring/demanding/exhausting… I mean, besides other mothers and fathers)


Oh, and of course, the cutest pumpkin…

His feet are so big, he’s almost out of newborn footed clothes because his big/itty toes are getting smooshed up in the feeties.