Lessons Recently Learned

14 12 2009

* Christmas starting early also means that Christmas ends early. Girlfriend needs some LED lights for her windows, but doesn’t want/need 300 or netted.
* If you have to constantly up the wattage of your light bulbs, perhaps it is time to clean the globe. The front hall light blew out this morning and I replaced 2 30-watt bulbs with 2 15-watt bulbs after washing the frosted glass cover. I think I can see through the walls now.
* Leaving a chocolate lab with Grandma for 2+ weeks will result in said dog practically turning into confetti [with excitement] when you return home.
* 5 hour time shifts are only cool between the hours of 9am and 3pm, EST. Yesterday I was up at 5:45, showered and was grocery shopping before 7am. However, at 8pm, I was unable to keep my eyes open and may have faceplanted on a pet (or two). Today, I was up at 5am and I totally want lunch. It is 8:30am.
* Dead fish= ball of furry mold stuck in filter.
* GOGOGOGOGOing for 2 weeks makes for fidgets.
* We have no tree, no presents, no decorations up and guess who is getting Christmas cards this year…. if you answered “No one”, please come forward and claim your prize.
* It takes a lot of effort to eat well. I am just glad that all the labels are now in English and not Dutch, French, German, Italian or any other language.
* Overly decorated houses are gaudy in every country.

I-D-10t Alert

18 11 2009

Back on Titanic* we had an intranet page entitiled “I D 10t” (eye-dee-ten-tee) for when people did/said things that were incredibly stupid.

Yesterday, I realized that I deserved an I D 10T award.
Since booking our vacation in JULY (that’s four months ago), I knew the countries we will be visiting are 6 hours AHEAD and I’ve been thinking 6 hours BEHIND.
I.E. “The show starts at 8pm, local time, which is like, 2AM our time.”
No, no honey.
8pm local time is 2pm.
So, all this time, I’ve been thinking that we’re getting in at 1pm (equivalent) when its actually 1am.

Dad and I had a time rift yesterday as well, when he was hellbent on the idea that it was the 18th and Thanksgiving wasn’t next Thursday.


*My first “real” job… named such because we [collective group] saw the perveribal ship going down.

Another Chapter in: Incredibly True Conversations About My Uterus

2 08 2009

At a picnic yesterday, SMS and I start having a general, causal conversation, when THIS happens…

SMS: So,  you never did tell me which country you were going to conceive in.*
me: Right, because that’s gross and creepy.
SMS, in all seriousness: Well?
me, in all seriousness: Really? You’re thinking about your precious snowflake  of a son sticking it in me?**
SMS, enthusiastically: Yes!
me: Yeah, you know what, nothing really ruins a mood like thinking of you thinking of us doing it.***
SMS: Well, I think I’ve been patient enough, it’s been five years!
me: Right.

Conversations like that really make me wish I could bottle up my parents “You’ll have kids when YOU’RE ready” and sprinkle it on SMS. I’d also lend some of it to my friend Stacy, who is in the same boat.

And in conversations I’ve had with my co-worker, what if, heaven forbid, we were trying and I had a teflon ute?

* Yes, she really did say that.
** Yes, I really did say that.
*** Yes, I really did say that.