A Showering!

26 08 2010

Sunday was our shower.
Well, I shower everyday, it’d be better to say “Sunday was our Baby Shower”.
All the attention turns me into a babbling idiot. E.G. “Oh, q-tips! For cleaning ears and whatever else gets dirty on a baby!”, “This book may be too advanced for us…”, “IT’S GOT EARS ON IT!”, “How’s Steve supposed to fit into this?!”
The weather was up in the air (no pun intended) as the forecast pretty much changed on an hourly basis. We did get a sprinkle (or a shower, AHAHAHHAHHAHA) while guests were arriving, but besides that, it was warm and humid which did a number on my ankles. Sexy.

Of course, Big Sister to be was out and relished the attention from her new kerchief and from being such a damn fine looking dog:

Yes, I do dress my dog up. Yes, she does enjoy it.

We had a TACO  BAR for lunch.
Mainly because it’s different and because Baby loves Mexican.
And then we had cake.
3 layers of amaretto. Even the small pieces were large.

I thought I had a pre-cut photo, it's somewhere....

It had sugar elephants and tigers on it. I ate a lion. It was yummy.

So many presents!!!
Here’s a snap of showing off a goodie.
I like this photo because I’m smiling (most of the photos find me looking like I opened a box of past-prime-fruit, I’m not good at making faces) and my massive ankles are hidden:

Despite what the box says, I'm pretty sure this doesn't need batteries

Once we got the furniture installed, I was able to start to de-box a few things; just to reduce the clutter a bit.
My parents made a contribution into the new piggy bank:


The bill hadn’t even hit the bottom when Steve was out of the room, looking for a hammer:


And of course, if the bed can handle a 65lb dog, it can handle a baby.

If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball

To round things out, here’s photographic evidence of our potential as capable parents:

It takes a village to carry a carseat

Wordless Wednesday: Beat the Heat

7 07 2010


Bailey Meets an Endangered Species

29 06 2010

"Naw Bailey! Dat's mmmyyyyyy sea turtle!"

So what if I got a Webkin?
It reminds me of when we went to Mexico and I opted to pass on a fire-onyx-and-other-gemstones turtle in a jewelers store and when I decided I wanted it, we couldn’t remember which store it was at… “Where’s that damn turtle?” is now a phrase we use when it’s time to shit or get off the pot.

(Mostly) Wordless Wednesday 05/19/10

19 05 2010

Hey peepoles.
Bailey Bean here.
Momma said dis is a “Wordless Wensday” still becuz technillaly, I can’t talks.
Anyway, dis is my butt:


I iz not mid-wags…


I not waggin here needer. I has a case of “limbertail“.


Labradorables like mes gets limbertail (er “Frozen Tail” er “cold water tail”) when we overuses out tales.
Sumtimes it sticks out and sumtimes it stays reall close to my butt.

Ennyways, Dad got me a whole baga tennis balls dat we brought to Mr. Jacks haus on Sunday and tween fetchin en plain en swimmin in da creek, my wagger done ran outta waggin.

Iz more better now!

Wordless Wednesday: Camouflage, You’re Doing it Right

5 05 2010


Wordless Wednesday: Old Brown Dog Just Ain’t What She Used to Be

2 12 2009

Best Friends

25 10 2009
Bailey Kisses

Bailey Kisses

Stephanie Kisses

Stephanie Kisses

Tug-of-War (she won)

Tug-of-War (she won)

Bailey hugs!

Bailey hugs!

Fall in the ‘burbs, a photo journey

12 10 2009

End of last week, the local whoever-is-in-charge-of-such-things-probably-the-tourism-board determined that we are in PEAK FOLIAGE TIME.
Leafers* unite!!!
In an effort to drown our woes about the WORST football game ever, we took a walk through the park behind our house.

So many colors!

So many colors!

And so rich!

And so rich!

There were flower still in bloom

There were flowers still in bloom

back in the woods

back in the woods

The plus side of having ball diamonds in your backyard?
Free balls for your ball-eating dog.

Bailey! Wheres the ball?!

"Bailey! Where's the ball?!"

We were near the tree line and told her to find a ball. And she did. FOUR TIMES.
Woot! Four less balls we have to buy!

To the victor comes the spoils

To the victor comes the spoils

I dont understand how she runs without paws on the ground

I don't understand how she runs without paws on the ground

In the new photography tradition of Trash the Dress, I present, Trash the Dog

OMG. Totally stinky Beans.

OMG. Totally Stinky Beans.

We popped her in the tub as soon as we got back to the house and I was pretty sure that she rolled in something dead.

She hated this.

She hated this.

Bailey was NOT happy to go across the suspension bridge at the park, but, she had to get the ball, so she put on her brave face.
Plus, I got to play in the jungle gym tunnel!
Just after this shot, her muddy tail whacked my len; thank goodness I had a filter on!

Our Japanese Maple

Our Japanese Maple

*clunk* *Marrarrooo* *squeak* *clunk*

6 10 2009

Very early this morning, like, midnight, there’s noise coming from the pappasan chair.
*squeak* *Maarrooooo* *squeak* *clunk clunk* *lap* *shake shake* *marrooseeee*
Readers know by now that if you drop a pin the the same zip code as I’m sleeping I will wake up and be up for hours.
And this was after I had been sleeping well.

Elsie is clomping around the room, trying to itch her ear, which makes her shake her head which makes noise and she’d get up on the chair, pant, make the chair squeak…

At 12:10, I called her over to see if scratching her ear would help things out.
Answer: No.

12:15, I’m downstairs with a handful of cotton (from when Bailey used to have chronic ear infections) jamming it into Elsie’s ear (my vet says it’s okay, the eardrum is far inside), giving it a quick swirl and trying not to vomit as it comes out covered in ear wax and blood.
Meanwhile, Bailey’s stomping around asking why we’re not cleaning out her ears.
Then it was cookies for everyone.

Back upstairs, she’s still creaking/clunking/squeaking and at 1am, I go to sleep on the sofa. Bailey came down with me for a few hours. So that was nice.
Then, all of a sudden:

Further Proof That We Have No Life

24 08 2009

Five years ago, little Bailey Bean was plunked down onto this earth to melt hearts and make me question my sanity.

WHAT is that?!

WHAT is that?!

And seeing as Aunt Elsie was over, it only seemed fitting that she would get to partake in the annual tradition.
The candles were rather hot, so I think that scared Bailey (the same dog who smoldered when an ember popped from a camping fire onto her fur) and I’m pretty convinced that Elsie knew that there was food under the flames.
I’d like to mention that the “attendees” (read: stuffed animals) were Steve’s idea.

"I hate you guys so much."

"I hate you guys so much."

As we were snapping away, I had one of those things I never get- an idea- and ran upstairs to get Tres’ hat.
And then I put the hat on the dog.
CLEARLY, she LOVES it and Elsie is very proud to be in the same room.
Figuring we’d tortured them enough…

om nom nom nom

om nom nom nom

(don’t worry, it was white cake and vanilla frosting, colored)

Bestest Birfday Eva!

Bestest Birfday Eva!