Houdini’s First Two Tricks

8 08 2011


For a while, we were pretty sure that The Dude was Richard Wright reincarnated.
However, he’s making me think he’s more of a Houdini…

Example 1)


[No, he is not faceplanting, he is CRAWLING OUT of his 3-point-harness rocker seat.]
”Momma smells, I’m gonna pop you in here for like, 5 minutes while I shower…”
”(Screams of protest)”
”You’re fine.”
I pop my head out of the shower because he’s making it sound like he’s being attacked by bears to see he’s turned himself upside down and is attempting an escape.
In the time it took me to wash the 2-in-1 out my hair and wrap myself in a towel, he had loosened himself out and was motoring across the floor.

Example 2)

“Come on Dude, let’s go swimming!”
Across the pool he goes and over the side.
And then back into the pool.
And back out.
And back in.
And out.
wash. rinse. repeat.



17 responses

8 08 2011

sadly, children’s welfare authorities don’t look fondly on shackles these days… but on the bright side, if you lock yourself out of the house, you can send him in through a slightly opened window!

15 08 2011
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

shackles?! Damn you Child Welfare! DAMN YOOOOUUUU.
*mumbles* making my kid wear clothes and whatnot…

8 08 2011
Two Barking Dogs

I can’t believe how big he’s getting! Oh My!

And, just so you know, Cosmo does the same thing with the pool. Just sayin …

15 08 2011
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

He’s HUGE. I can’t believe it myself… wasn’t I JUST pregnant?

And Beans does the same in-out-fetch-in-out-fetch thing.

8 08 2011
S. Le

Fantastic stuff! Love it!

15 08 2011
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

Kids are a HOOT… you should have your hands full with two grands….

8 08 2011

Hee hee baby butt

15 08 2011
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

you said “butt”.

8 08 2011

Cutecutecute! What a clever baby 🙂

15 08 2011
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

“clever”.. that’s much nicer than what I’ve been calling it.

9 08 2011

ah yes..the Houdini stage..It goes on for a while. If you can’t get your child proof aspirin bottle open, just give it to him..Click Clack Open just like that.
He is just adorable.

15 08 2011
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

He’s a smart cookie… I look forward to the insane amount of things I’m going to have to hide from him, already.

11 08 2011

Noooooooooo! That can’t be the cute little baby you had…… he’s such a big boy. Goodness they grow like weeds nowadays. (Not that I am likening your gorgeous boy to a weed…. well not in a bad sense…. pass the shovel and I’ll dig this hole deeper)
Anyhoo….he’s a good boy! My Andrea had the Houdini gene too and a heavy interest in electrics…. xxx

15 08 2011
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

Weed? I knew we should have stopped feeding him Miracle-Gro. Now I can tell Steve I was right!!!
Electrics! YES… there’s not a cord untouched around here. So, what happens next?

14 08 2011

Love it! Both of the ladies were also expert magicians – but their trick? Getting out of the stroller. SO ANNOYING! I gave up eventually and just made them walk. Miles and miiiiiillleeess later, they’re still walking. Bwhahahahah…

15 08 2011
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

We’re already cruising [holding onto furniture as he uses it to stabilize himself from point A to point B]. The end is neigh.
Wasn’t he just a helpless little blob a few months ago? What gives?!

16 08 2011

That is all. 😉

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