Thoughtful Thursday

2 12 2010



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2 12 2010
Two Barking Dogs

As Clover is fond of saying, “Ruh Roh.”

Hope all is well with you and baby and that that big blue ball doesn’t squash you flat.

Hang in there!

2 12 2010

Oops you forgot to draw in the gravity that’s why you are flinging off into outer-space. When they finally send a manned mission to Mars they might recover your dead & drifting body. Watch out for HAL, he won’t open the door for you.
“Open the door HAL”
“I’m sorry, I can’t do that Stephanie”

2 12 2010

Looks like you’re ALMOST on top of the world! Soon enough, I expect.


2 12 2010

Aww, I think you’ve fallen in love with little Makkie.

2 12 2010

sleeping much? hugs to you and the clan…

2 12 2010

At least you have a baby as a co-pilot!

3 12 2010

That reminds me of when Superman flew around the planet to turn back time. You guys would look really cute with capes.

3 12 2010
Dennis the Vizsla

Well hi there! I hope you aren’t anywhere near the Thruway right now …

3 12 2010
I still feel unusual

I feel like that as well but without the baby.

3 12 2010

Weeee!!!! Gotta watch that new baby ride..can make you a little lightheaded sometimes.

Hugs to all of you..Pics of baby Mak as a thanksgiving turkey coming our way?

7 12 2010

your hair looks lovely πŸ™‚

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