Happy Halloween!

31 10 2010


(we’re still around, just, wow, whoda known that this whole “parenthood” thing would be so tiring/demanding/exhausting… I mean, besides other mothers and fathers)


Oh, and of course, the cutest pumpkin…

His feet are so big, he’s almost out of newborn footed clothes because his big/itty toes are getting smooshed up in the feeties.



11 responses

31 10 2010

10 years from now, when he starts acting like a twit (he will), be sure to tell him that you considered giving him away as a ‘trick’ this Halloween. calms him a bit… ;->

31 10 2010

the first bit is kinda like living in a combat zone, and sleep deprivation is tough. but he’s cute. i’m sure you’re doing great!

31 10 2010

He is the BEST PUMPKIN ever!!!!!
very cute..soooo, he obviously got your late stage preggo feetsies.
I’m so happy that you are doing good.
any name for us yet? or is he still officially BABY MAC

31 10 2010

I mean “Baby Boy MAK”

1 11 2010

so cute…hahaha…some certain baby was supposed to receive some “Halloween” footies on time…oh well…you could wrap his feet and they will fit next year j/k

1 11 2010
Two Barking Dogs

Adorable! Glad to see your update and it sounds like you all are doing well, I hope?

1 11 2010
nat @book, line, and sinker

i tried to warn you…no one listens to me! mwa ha ha. he is a cutie, though. 🙂

2 11 2010

That is the sweetest lil pumpkin ever. Next to mine. 😉 XO

2 11 2010

He is such a cutie! I’m sure you guys realize how lucky you are 🙂

…And another article in today’s paper that proves how ahead of the times you are 😛


5 11 2010

Love how you’ve been able to coordinate his clothing and furnishings. He’ll definitely make the Best Dressed List of 2035.

11 11 2010

The carved pumpkins are awesome and scary. The baby pumpkin is oh so cute! Have you developed a soft core yet?

BTW: I’ve moved. New URL: http://istillfeelunusual.wordpress.com/

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