A Showering!

26 08 2010

Sunday was our shower.
Well, I shower everyday, it’d be better to say “Sunday was our Baby Shower”.
All the attention turns me into a babbling idiot. E.G. “Oh, q-tips! For cleaning ears and whatever else gets dirty on a baby!”, “This book may be too advanced for us…”, “IT’S GOT EARS ON IT!”, “How’s Steve supposed to fit into this?!”
The weather was up in the air (no pun intended) as the forecast pretty much changed on an hourly basis. We did get a sprinkle (or a shower, AHAHAHHAHHAHA) while guests were arriving, but besides that, it was warm and humid which did a number on my ankles. Sexy.

Of course, Big Sister to be was out and relished the attention from her new kerchief and from being such a damn fine looking dog:

Yes, I do dress my dog up. Yes, she does enjoy it.

We had a TACO  BAR for lunch.
Mainly because it’s different and because Baby loves Mexican.
And then we had cake.
3 layers of amaretto. Even the small pieces were large.

I thought I had a pre-cut photo, it's somewhere....

It had sugar elephants and tigers on it. I ate a lion. It was yummy.

So many presents!!!
Here’s a snap of showing off a goodie.
I like this photo because I’m smiling (most of the photos find me looking like I opened a box of past-prime-fruit, I’m not good at making faces) and my massive ankles are hidden:

Despite what the box says, I'm pretty sure this doesn't need batteries

Once we got the furniture installed, I was able to start to de-box a few things; just to reduce the clutter a bit.
My parents made a contribution into the new piggy bank:


The bill hadn’t even hit the bottom when Steve was out of the room, looking for a hammer:


And of course, if the bed can handle a 65lb dog, it can handle a baby.

If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball

To round things out, here’s photographic evidence of our potential as capable parents:

It takes a village to carry a carseat



9 responses

26 08 2010


oh, and…


27 08 2010

Bailey is just adorable. Love the crib..it looks like one of the convertible ones that goes all the way to being a regular bed.
Everyone is just so happy and excited.
Can hardly wait to find out DAM is?

28 08 2010

Bailey looks so awesome with her Big Sister neck thingy on. And the bed suits her fur colour. So did Steve get the money??? I’m sure you both will be ultra capable parents. At least 18 years before they move out on their own & you can have peace & quiet again. Enjoy…

28 08 2010
S. Le

Never thought I’d say this about one of your posts but, it was “cute.” Especially liked the snap of Steve with the hammer.

29 08 2010
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

daisyfae: Dude, that cake, 3 layers of evil. Tasty Evil. For real.

Hisqueen: She says “I knows! Thank you!”. It is one of the convertible cribs; thrifty me couldn’t see paying for a crib AND a bed… kid’s got better furniture than we do!

Tony: At least we can see her in there, not like on the sofa! Thanks for the vote of confidence, sometimes I wonder how much of my sanity will remain!

S.Le: It must have been my hormones which allowed me to produce a non-snarky post! Steve and the piggy bank is one for the photo book for sure.

31 08 2010
Michele D.


2 09 2010
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

Old Navy’s Maternity line and I are like, bestest friends.

4 09 2010

That cake looks amazing!

7 09 2010

Amazing shower! Love the last photo of you and Steve. BTW the nursery is so cute!

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