15 08 2010

Clue 1)
“Wait, are you saying that you tried to open a can of paint with the wallpaper removal tool?”

Clue 2)
“Don’t worry, I’ll use the scissors…”

Clue 3)
“I’ve got some tape downstairs.”
“Is that hockey tape?”
“Same thing.”

Clue 4)
“I don’t know what hurts worse, my pride or my finger.”
“Probably your pride.”

Clue 5)
“Damn it, if only it were two hours later, I could have just stuck a testing strip in there.”




8 responses

15 08 2010

can you say “tetanus shot” ????

15 08 2010

i got bit by a pet rat while nursing. no, not during an actual nursing session, but when i was still heavy with breast milk. no problem with that tetanus shot. your pride will heal, as will the finger!

16 08 2010
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

thank goodness I had a tetnus shot in the past 3 years 🙂

16 08 2010
S. Le

Steady on! Let husband do the paint tin opening! (and the painting as well)

16 08 2010
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

He only lets me paint with 0 VOC paint, something about the baby, something something… all of my assigned windows are done, finished last night.
I can’t paint the kitchen window because of the fumes. Something about brain damage and paint chips or something.

17 08 2010
S. Le

Good there’s a reason then. I’d just say I needed to get off my feet or something vague like that. Carrying a baby is hard work. You may quote me. You’re welcome.

17 08 2010

Paint tins are possessed by the spirits of departed anally-retentive people. This is their final revenge.

20 08 2010

Paint tins are definitely evil. I hate the way they store a bit of aint in their rim & when you bang the lid on they sit it onto your shirt or trousers

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