12 08 2010

Okay, okay, I know I’ve been QUITE the grumpy butt as of late.

However, there’s been a change in the tide.
It’s over 12 hours now that I’ve been in a decent mood!

So, yeah, sorry about all of that PEOPLE SUCK AND YOU SUCK AND *RASPBERRY*

Much like when we got the carpet installed (‘cept with more of a bump):

Things that were idealized in my brain began to unravel in foot-stomping-fashion… then I put on my big-girl underpants printed with “HELP” and not-even-close-to-a-real-crisises were averted.
So, Mr. President, you can take your hand off that red phone.




11 responses

12 08 2010

Euphoria! Can I get some but without the ‘preggo’ thing?

16 08 2010
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

how do you feel about drugs?

12 08 2010

I’ve said this before, but still rings true today, I love MS Paint art!

16 08 2010
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

After this weekend’s paint can disaster, I should probably try to MS paint the disaster.
Are you a reader of http://hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com?

Two of my favorites:http://hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com/2010/05/sneaky-hate-spiral.html and http://hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com/2010/03/how-fish-almost-destroyed-my-childhood.html

13 08 2010

Hurrah! Glad to hear you’re getting a few hours of Imokyoureok.

Giggling over the post tags…

16 08 2010
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

Ah, see, it’s the little things 🙂

13 08 2010
S. Le

Pregnancy hormones can be a bitch! Alert level, green. Everyone relax!

16 08 2010
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

It’s more of that I-see-it-this-way-in-my-head vs. what-will-really-happen…

13 08 2010

are big girl panties like granny panties?
Glad to see you made it over that little hump in life..we all have them..preggo’s or no but at least you have an excuse for being a bit cranky..use it to your advantage while you can..

16 08 2010
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

granny panties, with a little bit of embellishment

15 08 2010

I’m with the red face guy above, I love your MS Paint artwork too. Glad the happy’s are back in your life

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